Can You Date More Than One Person At a Time?

The beauty of online dating is that you can generate a lot of dates with a lot of different people in a short period of time, especially if you market yourself the right way. So what do you do if you’ve met more than one person that you would like to pursue but can’t decide which one you want? Can you date more than one person at a time? Sure you can, you just have to proceed in a very open, honest and respectful way.


Ask Single Dating Diva: Are They Really “Not Ready” to Date?

What does it really mean when someone says they think you’re great but they’re just “not ready” to date anyone? You might be surprised to learn that perhaps it means something completely different. I’m sure it’s happened to you before, you meet a great person and you have great chemistry. Everything seems to be going great but you just can’t get them to “seal the deal”. If they they aren’t ready is that what they really mean? Read on to find out!


How Important Is Chemistry on a Date?

What role does chemistry play in dating success? How important is chemistry on a date? Why are we always looking for a fireworks display on a first date? In my latest for eHarmony I discuss why we need to take another look at what chemistry is and isn’t in order to find our happily ever after.


Is It Time To “Meet The Family”?

How do you really know if it’s time to introduce the person you’re dating to the family? Personally, I struggle with that sometimes. I don’t feel family needs to get involved unless things have progressed to a point where the person is an important part of your life. So how DO you really know if the person you’re dating is “meet the family” worthy?