Dating Younger Men: Guest Post

When it comes to dating, we all have different tastes. Some of us enjoy the company of someone close to our age as we feel we have more in common, making us closer; whilst others prefer the experience and wisdom which comes with a partner which is older than us. Then there are those of…


Your Dating Pool: Too Many Choices or Not Enough?

Depending on where you live, you might be at an advantage or disadvantage when looking for love. Some dating pools are naturally larger than others. Too many choices is just as much as a problem as not enough. It comes down to the quality of the dating pool, not the quantity, and that includes you!


The Hidden Dangers of False Hope in Dating

False hope is almost always built around fantasies and wishful thinking. We’ve all been there. We want something so bad that we hold on to every little inch of whatever we’re given, hoping to give it more meaning than is there. But there are hidden dangers of false hope in dating.