Five Types of Women That Men Avoid When Dating

I had written down some things I read a while back about types of people that others avoid.  So I put some feelers out there to see what types of women and men people tend to avoid when dating.  I got a lot of very interesting answers! Some I might not have thought of.  I’m going to start with that types of women that men avoid.

Men aren’t that complicated.  They like balance and stability in their women, in addition to intelligence and attractiveness.  So what is it that makes them really run for the hills?

Type 1: Men Avoid Serial Flirters

No one likes to have competition, especially when it comes to the attentions of their significant other.  When a man sees a woman flirting with every man in the room and soaking in all the attention like it’s oxygen then, he might want to flirt back and try to get her as a challenge, but he definitely won’t want to keep her.  A woman who’s a keeper is one who gives all her attention to her man.  Now there’s nothing wrong with being social and joking around, but within limits.  You need to be respectful of your partner and make sure they, and everyone in the room, knows you are together.  A woman who’s always on the prowl is not one that a man takes seriously.  Plain.  Simple.

Type 2: Men Avoid Husband Seekers

Sound odd to you? Well it’s not.  Marriage talk and marriage mindedness is not the problem, but, it’s a problem when it happens too early or becomes the primary focus.  Some women latch on like a man is her last hope at the white picket fence.  That is the WORST thing to do to a man.  Relationships should take their natural course and if it leads in commitment and marriage then it does, if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.  Women talking about their dream wedding and their quest for their groom only scares men away or, even worse, attracts the desperate men.  Two desperate people together? Disaster! Either way it’s not good, so don’t focus on marriage but focus on the person and focus on the relationship.  That’s how you will see who someone REALLY is rather than their potential.  That goes for BOTH women and men.

Type 3: Men Avoid Stage 5 Clingers

What’s a “stage 5 clinger”?  Well, these are women who stick to a guy like glue as soon as they get the slightest encouragement, maybe even a friendly smile, and end up being obsessed with the guy.  Even when the guy says he’s not interested, they are in denial.  They become obsessed and clingy.  They become manipulative and borderline crazy.  Texting all the time, seeing every milestone as an anniversary (happy 1 day anniversary of our first text!!), they ignore all signs that the guy is trying to send them that he’s not interested.  But, I have to interject here, often times this is a result of a guy leading a girl on and not being clear about his intentions from the beginning … what you get as a result gentlemen when you do this is a stage 5 clinger! So be clear about what you want from someone before you do it!!

Type 4: Men Avoid Party Girls

women that men avoidLadies, you out clubbing EVERY weekend with your girls? Do you find yourself so hungover most weekends that you can’t even remember what (and who) you even did and if you even had fun?  Not cool.  Men notice this stuff.  They really really do.  They want to party and have fun with these party girls, but, when it comes to having something real, they look elsewhere.  I’m not talking about the occasional fun night out with your friends, I’m talking about the regulars at the bar or club.  The guys know who they are, they can tell who’s a party girl and who isn’t.  How? Well, the party girls looks like she’s at home drinking and having fun, she’s dressed like a street walker and she doesn’t have any class.  Sorry ladies, you can’t fake class.  Men want someone they can be proud to walk hand in hand with in public.  They’ll have a good time with the good time girl, maybe even date her for a bit, but it’s all casual, nothing serious.

Type 5: Men Avoid Drama Queens

These women make everything a BIG DEAL!  This person is overly dramatic about everything.  They blow everything out of proportion.  The slightest issue becomes exaggerated to the equivalent of a drive by shooting.  These women need everything to be all about them.  Who needs that? Not men! Drama queens are high maintenance and need constant attention and appeasing.  This drama queen reels you in by worshiping the ground you walk on and makes you feel important and then BAM the whole world becomes about them.  These women make a scene at the slightest problems and embarrass anyone they are with.  They may even go to the point of trying to harm themselves to get attention.  Who wants to deal with that? No consistency and no stability.  Not cool.

All women are guilty of some (or all) of these things some of the time, but, some women are guilty all of the time.  Men are looking for a well balanced woman, just like women are looking for a well balanced man.  The best thing to do is to reign in some of the craziness and be true to who you are.  If someone is making you crazy then perhaps they really aren’t bringing out the best in you and you need to move on.

My question is, do women avoid the same things OR do these same things make a man look more virile and attractive?  Would love to hear about it in the comments!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva


  1. Good article, sister Suzie. I dated a lady that matched types 2 and 3… Oh boy, that was a wasted 15 months out of my life…… I should have ended it 12 months earlier – What was I thinking, or not !!!


        • I think the only one I can agree with is the stage 5 clinger, other than that I think it’s shallow and insecure for people to judge other people off of their social life.

          Someone could get the career minded, homebody with few friends and only does things like go to jazz concerts and focuses on taking care of her kids but this type of woman could come with a whole different set of issues that may not be conducive for a healthy relationship. I say the whole purpose is dating is to get to know people and anybody is worthy of that choice. Stop taking things at face value…and single people should be allowed to flirt with whomever they want!!


          • Thanks Patricia! Perhaps you’re right, but unfortunately dating is all about assessing whether or not that person is the right fit for you. First impressions do count and some people just don’t like certain aspects and steer clear. We can’t change that, but others do like flirty girls, it’s all about preference. Thanks again for stopping by!!


  2. I went through a combo of #3, #5 recently. She led me on thinking it was going to go somewhere and even talks about marriage and then completely IGNORED me. I was at a point of going crazy on her @ss and telling her off, but chose to move on.
    Always a great read on your site!


    • Good for you! Going crazy on her, or any person, never works. In there mind they are right, they are perfect….. or think you are the ass for getting upset.


  3. I have a friend who is a combination of #1, 3, 4 AND 5! And she’s always wondering why her relationships don’t work out and why guys just stop calling her. I’ve told her she just needs to relax and not expect that someone “belong” to her after just one or 2 dates, but of course she doesn’t listen. I’m an insufferable flirt, but I’m also respectful of the person I’m with.


  4. Thank God I don’t have these traits (I don’t… do I?). But to answer you question, I actively avoid all men with those qualities as well!!


  5. OMG. You forgot the most common reason. The woman that strings guys along. I remember as a teenager, my mother encouraging my sister to date different guys “because a girl’s got a right to be picky.” Problem is, there are a lot of scheming woman out there that never grow out of this moronic way of thinking and have no intention of getting serious because they don’t want a guy telling them what to do or monitoring who they speak to and see. They try and find an idiot to take care of them, and then they still use this guy for money, another guy cause he’s exciting and knows the hotspots in town, and this guy because he will spend $ and buy jewelry, etc. The USERS I call them.. My own step daughter told me point blank, I just want to find someone to take care of me, but i’m still going to do what I want to do!! And her gfs are the same way. I used to meet women like that quite often including my now ex-wife. Now I’m an expert at recognizing these women and will not call them back PERIOD.


  6. The trick is to find a level headed normal lady. If they are the right one it will workout. If not… Lesson learned move on. The key, I believe is to be happy with yourself first. Then you can choose the right lady.
    I am always watching their actions and seeing if it backs up with what they are saying. If that even doesn’t match, I move on.
    I tend to (internally) laugh at the divas. To me its just so funny.


  7. May I add Type #6 – Men avoid busy Do Gooders. I mean ladies that have so much activities in there lives, that you wonder why they are dating – A full time job – plus going to school taking almost a full load of classes – Doing volunteer work at many places and events……. and declaring their grandkids are the most important people in their lives.


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