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attracting-love-desire-dating-toolkitIn this increasingly competitive dating world, how singles market themselves is more important than ever. People looking to take their dating life to a higher level have found Suzie the Single Dating Diva’s online workbook quite beneficial. Recent feedback from subscribers and clients from all over the world has been phenomenal. They have been inspired to completely change their perspective, and overhaul their dating life, making them more successful daters.

The workbook, which aims at helping singles attract the love they desire, has numerous lessons and tips that can be used to make your dating life more rewarding. This “Dating Toolkit”, usually only available to my clients and workshop attendees, is being offered for FREE in the eWorkbook titled “Attracting the Love You Desire” which has been described by readers as a virtual “kick in the pants” that they needed and an important tool helping them “focus on what they really wanted in a partner”.

One reader (who wished to remain anonymous) said that he has greatly benefited from the workbook. He revealed that for years he had been struggling in his dating life and had a low response rate but, after completing the activities prescribed in the workbook, has witnessed a positive change in both his perspective and dating life.

The workbook contains hot topics such as how to be more marketable, identifying dealmakers and dealbreakers, among other useful topical issues that will not only help singles achieve the kind of love they desire but also improve their love life as a whole.

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