microphone lipsWelcome to the Podcast!

Dirty in Public and Single Dating Diva cast a naughty (or maybe nice) spell over the podcasting world.

Our podcast is a sexy little place in cyberspace where we romance listeners with topics sufficiently naughty, a little nice, and always pleasing to the ear.  

Those of you familiar with our very successful websites know that we definitely like to push the envelope and we look forward to wooing listeners with the latest in current affairs, relationships and sex. Now who doesn’t like to chat about sex?

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SexLoveChat Podcast with @SingleDatingDiv & @DirtyInPublic

Season 4

Episode 1: Technology & Sex … Better or Worse? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 2: Dirty In Public, Anyone? Public Sex and Exhibitionism >>Listen Here<<

Season 3

Episode 1: Love or Lust? Do We Need Love to Have Great Sex? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 2: Dating Butterflies: Are they Necessary? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 3: Is Monogamy Natural or Are We Monogamish? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 4: Did Sex Ed Prepare You for Sex? What Was Missed? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 5: What Can You Do to Spice Up Your Sex Life? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 6: Does the Pick-Up Artist Method Really Work? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 7: Is There a Dating Textiquette? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 8: Is Choreplay the Next Foreplay? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 9: What’s the Worst Dating Advice We’ve Heard? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 10: Has Marriage Become Extinct? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 11: Work Spouse Relationships…Is it Risky Behavior? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 12: Sexual History: Does Sharing Your Number Make Sex Safer? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 13: Money: Does it Make the Man but Hinder a Woman? >>Listen Here<<

Episode 14: Social Media and Dating: Is online creeping normal? >>Listen Here<<

Our Debut on Mr N Mrs Romance

Episode 1. Defining Cheating On Our Own Terms >>Listen Here<<

Episode 2. Dating, Sex and the Skeletons in the Closet with @Talk2Q >>Listen Here<<

Episode 3. Don’t Look at Porn, Sex Appeal, and Dating Social Skills with @TheMingleMaster >>Listen Here<<

Episode 4. The Cocktail Hour Episode: Booty Calls, Defining Casual Sex, and The Naughty Caesar >>Listen Here<<

Episode 5. Being a Real Man, Real Woman, and Sex Dwindling in Relationships with @ChopperPapa  >>Listen Here<<

Episode 6. Red Flags You Are Dating a Player,Types of Players and the Effects on Women with @PlayerProof  >>Listen Here<<

Episode 7. Keep Your Effin’ Panties On, Love Over 30, and Other Love Stuff with @KiraSabin >>Listen Here<<

Episode 8. The Cocktail Hour Episode: Sexual Fetishes, Kinks, Turn Ons >>Listen Here<<

Episode 9. Promiscuity,Open Relationships and How to Find the One with @Instigaytor >>Listen Here<<

Episode 10. How Bad Sex Can Be a Good Thing and Objectification of the Sexes with @MarriageDr  >>Listen Here<<

Episode 11. Find Your Personal Style and Dress Sassy Not Trashy with @BadOnlineDates   >>Listen Here<<

Episode 12. Hanging with Porn Stars, Exploring Swinging, and Sexual Liberation with @BostnSingleGirl >>Listen Here<<

Episode 13. The COCKtail Hour: The Penis Episode Sponsored by The Blowjob >>Listen Here<<

Episode 14. Gamers Guide to Approaching Women and Why You Should Date a Gamer with @GutsyGeek >>Listen Here<<

Episode 15. Phone Sex, Body Image, and Living with an STI with @AshleyManta >>Listen Here<<

Episode 16. Lessons Learned from Dating and Sexual Chemistry with @_ Womanology _  >>Listen Here<<

Episode 17. The Cocktail Hour: Sexism in the Modern World Sponsored by The Godfather  >>Listen Here<<

Episode 18. When to Stay the Night and Everything is Foreplay with @DatingAdviceGrl  >>Listen Here<<

Episode 19. The Science of Love with @DawnMaslar >>Listen Here<<

Episode 20. Redefining What it Means to be Sex Positive with @CharlieGlickman >>Listen Here<<

Episode 21. Marvelous World of Female Masturbation with @TheCaraSutra >>Listen Here<<

Episode 22. How to Have Successful First Dates with @TheDatingTruth >>Listen Here<<

Episode 23. Bringing Magic into Your Love Life and Unleashing Your Inner Modern Courtesan with @Shoshi >>Listen Here<<

Episode 24. The Cocktail Hour: Uncovering Vagina Fact from Friction >>Listen Here<<


Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva


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