Client Testimonials


Thank you to all my fabulous clients!

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Here are just a few testimonials* that I’ve received … 


“Suzie helped me market myself better to women. I wasn’t really putting my best foot forward on dates and it was affecting my dating life. She helped me determine what made me stand out from the crowd and we updated my look as well as my body language. I’ve since been much more successful in my dating life.” – Julian

“I was serial dating, guy after guy, on what seemed like thousands of first dates without any chemistry. Suzie challenged me, if my date sparked even a bit of interest and attraction, to go on a second and third date. That helped me out of my rut and my dating life is much more successful now. I’ve met someone I’m really interested in but I wouldn’t have given him a chance before this because we didn’t have chemistry on the first date.” – Melissa

“Suzie gave me a whole new perspective about dating and partner selection. I was dating jerk after jerk but, as it turns out, I was the one choosing them. When I did her dating history activity I realized that I spent many years making bad dating choices and suffering for it. When I changed my dating habits I found love. Thank you Suzie!” – Anna

“Finding someone compatible for me was very difficult. Suzie helped me pin down what was really important for me in a partner and what wasn’t (also what was realistic and not). After working with Suzie, I applied what she taught into my dating life and found love! I met a great man who is a great companion. Thanks for your help Suzie.” – Francine

“I was stuck in a toxic dating situation with a man who essentially was leading me on and using me for sex for several year. He manipulated me into staying with him by telling me what I wanted to hear over and over again. I chose to stay because I loved him and believe that despite everything he loved me too. Suzie helped me realize that I was worth more and that by letting go I would find someone who treated me the way I deserved. She was right. I needed Suzie’s tough love and support and I’m very grateful for her help. Several months later I found love with a man who treats me the way I never realized I deserved.” – Cindy

“Suzie helped me find the women of my dreams by showing me how to be more realistic and manage my dating expectations from women. When we narrowed down what was really important to me I found it. Thanks Suzie.” – Mark

“Suzie has been very helpful in helping me get out of my dating rut. To be honest, I didn’t really buy what she had to say about staying away from the pick up artist stuff and my cheesy humor but when I finally gave what she suggested a try I actually met someone and we’ve been together ever since. Thank you Suzie!” – Henry

“Suzie worked with me to create a profile that reflected who I was resulting in several more hits and a much more active dating life. Thank you Single Dating Diva.” – Matt

“I needed help marketing myself online and Suzie helped me do that successfully!” -Judy

“Suzie reviewed my online dating profile and helped edit it and choose new pictures that helped me meet many more women. I would say that’s successful!” – Jordan

“Suzie helped me with my awkwardness by teaching me better interpersonal and conversational skills that I have not only been able to use while dating, but also in my everyday life. I highly recommend it!” – Justin

Dating Toolkit, Conversation Starters and Chocolate Hearts – thank you Single Dating Diva for moderating our successful and interactive dating workshop! We enjoyed the evening! The Single Dating Diva delivers a message that makes a lot of sense: focus on process, learn about yourself, know your strengths, and reclaim “single” as a happy word.”- Erica

“Suzie’s workshop was great! It was interactive and fun as well as educational. We learned many valuable, practical skills that I know I have used. Her “dating toolkit” definitely helped simplify the sometimes confusing dating process.” – Mark

“Suzie helped me overhaul my entire look and attitude making me much more attractive to women. Looking better made me feel better, just like she told me it would, and now I approach women with confidence and date more regularly.” – Alex


*some names have been changed at the request of the client