About Suzie!

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I am an accomplished writer of an award winning site, published academic author and public relations & communications professional from Ottawa, Canada. My education and experience stem from a background of interpersonal communication, dialogue, and public relations.

I hold both a Bachelor and Master of Arts from the University of Ottawa specializing in communications and human interaction. I have also completed “coaching” training at the University of Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute as well as acquiring a Life Coaching certificate from The Achology Academy.

My skills and knowledge have allowed me to productively take very complicated situations and make them simple. I use my over 20 years experience helping people market themselves better online and offline by focusing on what makes them unique and stand out from the crowd.

I am the founder of Single Dating Diva/Diva of Love, an award winning blog about personal development where I let you in on the lessons I’ve learned along the way from my extensive life experience and educational journey. I teach others how to navigate each day successfully in order to accomplish their goals. My site has evolved from single and dating advice to overall life success strategies.

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I have appeared frequently on various radio and television programs, as a guest speaker at trade shows, as well as several online seminars.

I have a special way of always bringing out the best in others and in finding the most favorable options for every difficult situation while encouraging my readers and clients to always be true to themselves and to take back their power. I bring all these skills and experience into my work with others.

I enjoy reading, traveling, champagne, wine, scotch, flowers, horses, crooners, opera, and museums. Always up for an adventure, I enjoy having new and exciting experiences and love meeting new people. I live in Ottawa, Canada with my husband and young sons.


You can read my feature on Canvas Rebel about building a legacy and shifting my focus here: Meet Suzie

Read my July 2022 “Go Solo” feature on Subkit about being a female entrepreneur here: Take Back Your Power – Empowerment Coach Suzie

I was the winner of the international “Best Dating Blog” award two years in a row, named one of the “Best Women’s Dating Experts” alongside some big names in the industry and also ranked “Best Canadian Dating Blog” and “Top Relationship Advice Blog” where they called me “better than Cosmo”.

You can read how I went from Divorce to Single Dating Diva by reading How My Divorce Journey Led Me to become Single Dating Diva.

Here is an interview with my Alma Mater the University of Ottawa with Her Campus!

I was interviewed by Carleton University newspaper The Charlatan about Online vs Offline Dating, you can read it here: There are plenty of fish in the sea: Online dating vs. traditional dating AND Tidbits of advice here: Dating advice to help you make a catch.

I was interviewed by Ottawa’s own Apt613. Make sure you have a read: Tour de Blogosphere: It’s okay to say the “S” word – Ottawa’s Single Dating Diva blog.

All opinions and advice expressed in this blog are the musings of the author alone. All advice that is dispensed is from the authors’s own personal experience and is meant to assist people to make their own decisions about dating and relationships.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos courtesy of http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/.

All posts Copyright of Single Dating Diva
Reproduction any articles, whether whole or in part, is completely prohibited.
Please use the contact form if you would like to discuss using any content on this site.

The material and information contained on this website is for general information purposes only and is meant to inspire you.
The information on this site does not replace one on one personalized coaching or therapy.
If you are suffering from mental health challenges, I encourage you to speak to a mental health professional.


  1. Hey Dating Diva,

    iam following your writings via Twitter, Facebook and i have to say its quiet interessting what you share with your readers.
    I’ve been in the Dating Scene for the past 7 Years and learned alot personally from Cory Skyy.

    However, your Articles share great informations. Iam glad that you keep things simple in your “Why Men don’t contact you Article”. Sometimes, we don’t have the time and feeling to contact a women every single minute. I also accept this pure fact with women.

    Most men start to go crazy in their heads when a women doesnt contact or answer. They struggle with self-confidence and belief in themselfs. The only thing that holds them back to become great with Dating is themselfs.

    However, the Dating process was never meant to be complicated at all.

    Keep up your great postings, i propaply check your Blog more often.



    • Thanks so much for your comment Andrew. You’re right, it’s all about how rejection makes us feel and the effect it has on our confidence. I think dating can be made much simpler if we just say what we mean and feel!


  2. You have such a fabulous blog!!! I am looking forward to reading more of it….
    Thanks for the follow 😀


  3. Hi suzie, Ijust found your blog and i must say, I landed at the right place at the right time. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


  4. Hello Suzie A…You have a great dating and writing blog..I love your way of writing..
    Please visit and support my blog too! I’m inviting to you write and share guest post about dating.


  5. It’s interesting to Note that when we think we have it all figured out, we’re at the beginning of all that is to be learned. And when we can’t find anymore of what is to be learned to pass on, we have it all figured out. And by that time we’re in the process of letting it go and moving on.


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