Online Dating and They Want More Pics? Don’t!

online-dating-send-picsLet’s just say you met someone pretty cool online dating. Forget cool, you really like them and your conversation is going great! You feel good about them and you definitely think there may be something there. You haven’t met in person yet but you’re sure that you will soon. Suddenly, they ask you if you have any more pictures that you could send them. They want to see more of you, not only the pictures you posted in your profile. Not necessarily naughty ones, just more pictures. What do you do? Do you send them the pictures, or, is it a better idea not to?

The reality of dating in the digital age is that you can increase your dating footprint farther than you could have ever imagined, but, it also means that you’re not dating in the “real world”, you’re dating digitally. Is that a problem? Not if you do it right and you’re smart about it. A lot of people meet online, but, a lot of people also have bad experiences. Why? Those who have bad experience usually get caught up in the moment and forget that stranger danger is real, even if you have crazy chemistry online. No, not everyone is out to hurt you or nor do they have malicious intentions so don’t be paranoid, but managing expectations and using your smarts when online dating is extremely important.

Online Dating & They Want More Pics? Don’t!

xray_dating picI’m not saying be paranoid, no, never, but what I am saying is that there is a better way. You need to date smart. How? Well, by choosing the better option. The better option is telling them NO. Why? Because sending a picture is not as harmless as it sounds. Here’s what to do and why…

  • The smarter approach would be to say that seeing you in person is much better. Your profile pictures should reflect who you are and give a potential date enough about you to see what you’re like BUT you need to take it offline as soon as possible for them to get anymore. Why? Because when online dating, you need to meet someone you like as soon as possible in order not to risk entering textationships where you end up in a virtual relationship that never manifests in anything more than wasting your valuable time and energy, and, ultimately, disappointment.
  • Another reason is that once you release those pictures to someone you have absolutely no control over them and what they do with them, even if they’re innocent pictures. Remember, you don’t know this person, you just met them online so date smart.
  • Not sending additional pictures also gives you an air of mystery and leaves something to the imagination. You want to create a desire and excitement to meet  you in person. Don’t give it all away before even meeting in person!

The whole point of online dating is to find love and you want to set yourself up for success. How you do that is by marketing yourself the right way but also by taking it offline in order avoid time wasters. People who make excuses avoiding a date, those who keep rescheduling and those who keep asking you for more pictures are, more often than not, wasting time. So, do yourself a favor if you’re online dating and they want more pics … DON’T! Instead, tell them they’re just going to have to meet you in person to see you live which is really much better than any picture anyway. Plain. Simple.

READERS: What do you do if someone asks you to send them more pictures? Do you ask someone to send you more pictures? Share in the comments below!

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  1. I think in some cases sending more photos is a good idea. For instance, I had only head shots on a dating site because I didn’t think I would get many hits. I got a message from a guy I was interested in and even though he didn’t request it, I sent him a new head shot and a full body shot I just took with my camera because I was being honest. As it turned out he was a great guy but we lacked chemistry. If I do online again I would post a full body shot and a head shot.

    One thing I would be careful about is making sure they can’t track the photos. Awhile back I got a friend request on Facebook from a guy I spoke to previously on a dating site. I hadn’t spoken to him in probably a year or two and wasn’t still online but he apparently saved my photo and used it to find me. I’ve had another photos I took that apparently had directions in them. Most people on dating sites are decent but there are many who aren’t. I didn’t have this happen but know people who showed up at their door from getting directions on a photo.


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