How to Leave a Bad Date: Guest Post


bad-dateBad dates: we’ve all been on them. In fact, with 15% of U.S. adults having used dating apps and websites, more people are connecting than ever before — that means more bad dates than ever before. A bad date can feel like wasted time and energy, even discourage people from dating altogether. You can’t avoid a date going wrong, so here are some tips for an exit strategy in case you get stuck with a dud.

How to Leave a Bad Date

  • In a shameless plug, and as a vet in the dating industry and CEO & founder of the bod (Bad Online Dates) app, I have to say the best tip that I can now give to leave a bad date is with the bod app as it turns bad dates into new possibilities for love, that have never been there before by giving people a dating plan B and the OK to leave.
  • There is also the ol’ “I have a friend or family member text or call with an emergency”, however, this has been played out and may just make you seem immature and cliché by not just keeping it real.
  • With the above being said, remember when you were told that honesty is the best policy? It still remains a golden life rule. By just saying that “you don’t feel a match and wish them good luck” in most cases allows for a graceful and mature way out.
  • Climb out the bathroom window and have a getaway car ready (just kidding)! In my experience within fifteen minutes you will know if you ever want to see that person again — let alone a passionate kiss good night and in that moment you could bring up the value of time, and mention that based on our “busy lives, how about we call it a night, shake hands and send each other off with well wishes”.

In the end, when a date that does not go well, your knight or knightress of shining armour is more like a rusty nail in your tire, which is bound to bring up emotions, and potentially hit a nerve or two. Much of dating and love is timing, so keep your heart open and the possibility of who you may connect with each day because you never know when love is just around the corner.

About the Author: Jennifer Kelton, Founder & CEO of bod

bod-bad-online-datesThe new bod (bad online dates) app is a geo-location-based mobile dating app that revolutionizes mobile dating by offering new opportunities, choices, and — most importantly — hope, all while on a bad date. With the bod app, users can move on from a bad date and potentially meet someone new, in real-time, by enabling their discoverability in “Date Mode.” bod is the mop-up crew for all the other dating sites and apps by giving the dater an OK to leave and find someone that’s a better match – a plan B. As our slogan says: “Seriously, nobody likes a bad date. Change your odds with bod.” The app has been in beta and has officially launched to the public for both iOS and Android.


  1. Bad dates is all subjective because to one a bad date might mean no spark while another means someone lies and a third means the other person was downright creepy (like asking for sex). I’ve had many dates where there were no sparks but they were nice and honest but to me those aren’t bad dates. I have stayed for those because you never know. The other two I have left. What I would do is tell the guys before I meet that I am busy and can’t stay long. that way if they are weird I have that excuse. If Ia m enjoying myself then I’ll just say i can move things around.


  2. I’ve had many of these. The biggest disappointment is when they don’t look anything like their picture. After a while of using online dating, I would tell them I’d meet them in the parking lot. This way if they didn’t look like their picture or I got a bad vibe, it was an easy out.

    If during a date things turned bad (they were inappropriate or rude), I would say it was nice meeting them, but I didn’t feel a connection and we should call it a night.

    At the end of the day for me, honesty is the best policy.


    • Parking Lot? as in you saw them then you left? I’ve done that when I saw guys who lied big time (like weight, age etc).


  3. I haven’t experienced a bad date…’yet”. But this are helpful to know.
    But If it ever happens to me, I’ll just be honest and upfront. I tend to be a little blunt. 🙂


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