Dating After Divorce: My Appearance on the Empowered Divorce Summit

Are you tired of waiting for love to find you after your divorce? Recently, I participated in the Empowered Divorce Summit Dating Edition alongside other top experts in dating, relationships and divorce as we shared our best tips and strategies on how to intentionally create the life & loving romantic relationship that you crave while respecting your children.


How Daily Gratitude Brings Love Your Way

We often hear that we should have an attitude of gratitude and although that’s not bad advice we don’t always feel so grateful, particularly when it comes to our love lives. But it’s that attitude of gratitude that will help you on your love journey. Studies have shown that gratitude actually does put you on the right path, so how can daily gratitude bring love your way? Read more to find out!


How Infatuation in Dating Clouds Judgment

We all want that great love story. That love story that makes everyone’s heart melt. That’s why we get swept up in those ever so enticing whirlwind romances. But what goes up must come down and the fire that burned fast and hot quickly got extinguished. Read more about how infatuation in dating clouds your judgment and how to avoid it leading to healthier and happier dating experiences.


Giving Someone a Chance vs Leading Them On When Dating

Have you ever been encouraged to “give someone a chance” or perhaps “try them on for size”? Maybe everyone told you you’re too picky and you want to prove them wrong. I think most people can say yes they have. But when is it giving them a chance and when is it actually leading them on? There really IS a difference.