Oversharing – The Ultimate Dating Fail

Does this sound familiar: you’re on a date with someone new and you open your mouth and it ALL comes out, and by all I mean EVERYTHING … you’re out of control. You spill the beans, all of them, the whole jar. I discuss how oversharing can activate your dating self-destruct, find out my protips on how to avoid this ultimate dating fail by reading more!


What’s Your Flirting Style? Science Weighs In…

What’s YOUR flirting style? You might be surprised to learn that your unique personality plays a large part in how you flirt (and how successful you are at it!). Click here to read more about a recent study’s findings and take a survey to find out YOUR flirting style!


Stop Wasting Time With “Go Nowhere Guys”

Wasting your time on dates that are going nowhere? Going out with guys that have no real relationship potential? Feeling like dating is the worst social activity of your week? Sounds like you are dealing with MODERN DATING DILEMMAS. That is why my friend, TV Dating Coach Damona Hoffman, has invited me and many other Celebrity Dating Experts to participate in a FREE online conference, DECODING YOUR MODERN DATING DILEMMAS 2.