Dating? How to “Seal the Deal” With Someone You Like!

Is your dating life filled with missed opportunities? Did you ever meet someone you really like and walked away without sealing the deal? Do you kick yourself for not getting a number or asking to see them again? Don’t ever have another missed opportunity … read on find out how to seal the deal with someone you like!


5 Ways to Make Dating Not So Scary

Has dating become scary for you? Does the thought of dating just make you sick to your stomach? Well, if dating has left you skittish and hesitant to really try, you need to read my 5 ways to make dating not so scary…


Ever Wonder Where You Stand With Someone?

Are you dating someone and just not sure where you stand with them? Often times we end up in a place I like to call “relationship limbo”, because we don’t want to rock the boat. I share 5 ways to tell where you stand with someone. Read more to find out…