Why Charisma Is So Important When Single and Dating

Time and again I see great single people passed over simply because they are lacking one important personality trait – charisma. People with charisma have a certain magnetic charm and appeal that is so attractive to others. But can charisma be learned or you either have it or don’t? Read on to find out how charisma could very well be within your reach!


Why Your Sense of Entitlement is Keeping You Single

Is a sense of entitlement – yours or others’ – keeping you single? People with a sense of entitlement believe they deserve a certain type of partner and lifestyle. What’s the difference between that and having standards? Read on to find out the difference and why a sense of entitlement is keeping so many people single!


A Journey Towards Love: Guest Post

I wanted to share an inspirational story of love that stemmed from what seemed like a hopeless situation. That love is possible if you just open up your eyes and give it a chance. This story demonstrates how seemingly hopeless situations CAN result in lasting love that defies all understanding. Enjoy!