How To Know You’re Dating A Time Waster

We’ve all been in a situation where we meet someone new and invest our time and energy into getting to know them, only to learn that they were never interested at all. Talk about FRUSTRATING! I know, I’ve been there, I get it. So how do you really know that they’re a time waster? Click here to read more…


Why Some People Will Always Be Single

Do you feel that you have the worst luck in love? What if I told you that you don’t? Some people will always be single, not because of their outside environment but because of what’s going on INSIDE themselves. Read more to find out why some people will ALWAYS be single.


Top 10 Ways To Heal Your Broken Heart

We can’t avoid broken hearts, but what we can do is deal with it in a more positive and productive way. I know from experience that broken hearts are one of the worst feelings you can experience in life but here are the top 10 ways to heal your broken heart and move on to bigger and better things!


Oversharing – The Ultimate Dating Fail

Does this sound familiar: you’re on a date with someone new and you open your mouth and it ALL comes out, and by all I mean EVERYTHING … you’re out of control. You spill the beans, all of them, the whole jar. I discuss how oversharing can activate your dating self-destruct, find out my protips on how to avoid this ultimate dating fail by reading more!