If I Hear This One More Time…

I get a lot of emails and messages in a day … A LOT! Many times I see trends, some of them disturbing, but most often it’s people who are at their whit’s end and have no where else to turn. I love getting questions and helping people when I can, but sometimes I just want to shake people because they’re only hurting themselves.


Are You Unlucky in Love?

Do you think that you’re unlucky in love? Are you frustrated with your dating life? Are there no good men or women out there to date? Well, perhaps it has nothing to do with luck … Unlucky in love? Read more to find out how to turn your luck around!


Are You Dating Competitively?

The dating world is becoming increasingly more competitive. What this means is that you have to be able to market yourself effectively in order to be successful. How do you date competitively? Don’t get left behind … Read on to find out some best practices.


What To Do When You’ve Been Ghosted

Have you ever waited for that call or text that never came? You thought things were great and then nothing … crickets. What did you do wrong? Did you do anything wrong? So many thoughts go through your head, but there is only one answer … find out what to do when you’ve been ghosted by reading on…