Thinking Outside the Box [Be a Rockstar]

Thinking outside the box is a common metaphor that means to “think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective”. It often refers to being creative and finding new solutions to old problems. When you think outside the box after doing things the same way for so long helps you get off the beaten path and into new more exciting things. It does require you to go outside your comfort zone but can be very rewarding.

outside the comfort zone

Although outside our comfort zones can be exciting places, we can gain so much insight and perspective if we step out of this zone and experience something new. We cannot expect things to change if we do not change. Stepping outside that comfort zone helps us be more critical and objective thinkers. It expands our worldview and helps us experience life in an improved way. Life has never changed while we are sitting in our cozy comfortable chair. We no longer will live in our own bubble; rather we can expand to bigger and better things. Outside the comfort zone is where the good stuff is. Taking baby steps and questioning the status quo with proper goal setting will help make it easier to do.

Keep it simple

Keeping your ideas simple and not overthinking helps you understand the world and concepts easier. We often overcomplicate things that should be easy by overthinking and overanalyzing. Taking things at face value helps you simplify it. Think in child terms when trying to be innovative. How would a child understand this? Thinking outside the box really is that simple. Avoiding complexity makes your life easier as well. More often than not, speaking a problem aloud helps simplify it. You can also get an objective opinion by speaking to someone not close to your problem.

Ask questions

Asking the right questions will get you the right answers. You can think outside the box by learning more about the subject you are working on. This includes listening actively to understand without imposing your own opinion. A good listener is an unbiased one who listens with a clean slate. A good question to ask in a situation where you are seeking more information and require clarification outside your realm of understanding is “what am I not asking you that I should”. This can open up a wealth of knowledge you did not even know existed. It is a great tool both personally and professionally.


Brainstorming, essentially, is gathering a lot of information and working together with others or even your own ideas to map out possible answers or solutions to problems. When you are thinking outside of the box, brainstorming can be a very valuable tool. What is most important here is to give each idea a fair chance. Think of why it would work and why it would not. When this is applied to important decisions you are making, you tend to end up with the most beneficial solution because you have thought out every possible outcome. The quantity of ideas will help you pinpoint a quality decision. It is also important to set a limit to how much brainstorming you will do because it is easy to get lost in the process and end up overthinking.

Expand your worldview

Expanding your worldview will help you gain a better perspective on all things in your life (both personally and professionally) and in the world around you. Being open to alternate points of view and different ways of doing things helps open you up to a much larger realm of possibilities – as we say “the possibilities are endless”. This can help you be more receptive to ideas and perspectives that you probably had not considered before. You can do this best by learning more about other people and their experiences, by reading more, by talking to more people with different beliefs and opinions to yours and opening your mind to other ideas. This does not mean you have to change or do what they do but you will better understand the world, which will change your outlook on the decisions you make.

Your Takeaway

  1. Outside your comfort zone is where the good stuff is. Thinking outside the box literally means stepping outside that box to find new, innovative ways of doing things.
  2. Keeping it simple by not overthinking or overanalyzing a situation helps you see things as they are rather than through your own lens.
  3. Asking the right questions and actively listening will open up a wealth of knowledge you did not even know existed. Remember to ask “what am I not asking you that I should” when picking someone’s brain about something so that you can get the full picture.
  4. Using brainstorming will help take the quantity of ideas in order to create an innovative quality solution to whatever dilemma you are facing and helps you expand your worldview.
  5. Expanding your worldview helps you not only understand others but will allow different perspectives and solutions to the decisions you have to make.

TRY THIS: Think of a problem or dilemma that you have and try and find a new way of looking at it.

POST IT NOTE: Not every solution comes in a box

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