Dating Question: What Is Your Dating Superpower?

Dating-SuperPowerDating. You know that pesky thing we need to do in order to meet a potential partner, perhaps even the love of our lives. But, dating brings out the best, or worst, in us. I know personally some people just inspire me to greatness while others just make me crazy. I’ve certainly learned how to control my emotions (on the most part) over the years, but, there are just some people (shaking fist LOL). I try to surround myself with people who bring out the best in me, that’s for sure. To me if someone inspires negativity from me, then that’s a definite red flag!

So it made me think, what sorts of things do we do well or just ruin our chances completely. We do self-sabotage sometimes with things we do on dates, don’t we? We all have these traits. I call them our dating superpowers. Not all superpowers are good, some, in fact, are bad (some are even downright ugly!). All superhero stories have the good guy and the bad guy. Could we have both inside of us? Could we, maybe, perhaps, bring out the good OR the bad depending on who we’re with and the situation? So my question to you this week is what is YOUR dating superpower?

Dating Question: What Is Your Dating Superpower?

OK so here’s your chance folks, let’s see what dating superpowers are out there!! Are you charming? Do you smell good? How about great listening or conversational skills? Can you smell a rat a mile away? Do you have a great gut instinct for good matches? Are you great at making people feel comfortable? Do you have the ever so popular “foot in mouth” superpower or how about the incredible power to overshare? Offend people much? How about talking about yourself too much? Well … you get the idea! So, have your say!! Be counted!! Vote below!! It’s completely anonymous. Keep checking back to see which ones are most popular!! What’s MY dating superpower? Well, I am a great listener and conversationalist, I always smell great and have a pretty good gut instinct for a person, but I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt a little TOO often … I’m sure others could add to that list LOL!


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  1. Can I add another item on here? How about: “Really, really, ridiculously good looking”? I’m just really humble like that I guess.


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