Why Lingerie is Important in a Relationship

Recently, I’ve been thinking about if our actions in a relationship, once we get comfortable, contribute to its downfall.  I know that getting to a level where you let down your inhibitions in a relationship is important, but, do some people take it too far.  Do they let loose a little TOO much? I think that they do, yes.  Whatever happened to keeping the spark alive and maintaining a little mystery?  I think letting it all hang out and letting yourself go is only hurting you in the end. This doesn’t only include your daily routines, but, also what you wear and how you look.  Granny panties beware! Lingerie IS important in a relationship and here’s why.

Lingerie Every Day

lingerieLingerie typically is meant to be appealing, sexy, even erotic.  It helps set the mood for very special evening, but, what if this is a typical day, do you still wear lingerie? I say yes! If you’re single, dating, in a relationship or even married for 20 years this applies.  I think you should never leave the house unless you have something sexy underneath your clothes.  That should be a rule.  Why save them for a special occasion?  I’ll give you an example, I have a drawer full of lingerie that I rarely got a chance to wear during my marriage because of all the problems we had.  After my marriage, I decided that I was going to wear them, even if no one was going to see them.  You know what happened? It made me more comfortable in my own skin and more confident and flirty.  This translated into the image and personality I projected to the outside world.  Now, I never wear anything unappealing underneath my clothes.  It’s a rule I have.  Even if no one is going to see it, it’s still there, for me.

Lingerie is a Staple in a Healthy Relationship

We contribute to the success of our relationships.  It’s a two-way street, there’s no doubt about that.  Focusing on the relationship is an important factor in longevity.  Lingerie definitely plays an important part.  As I mentioned earlier, wearing something sexy underneath your clothes makes you feel sexy and confident.  Your partner will definitely appreciate it and you can use it to entice them and be flirty.  When you sleep, wear nice, sexy things.  Don’t wear baggy flannel pyjamas or cover up completely.  Although wearing his t-shirt can be sexy sometimes, don’t make a habit of it.  Wear camisoles, silk or satin negligees or nighties, things with lace or a sexy pattern … all these things speak volumes to your partner.  It tells them that you are attractive and you find them attractive and that they are important to you.

You might think this is backwards or that your partner should want and love you regardless of what you have underneath your clothes.  You’re right, they should love and want you at your best and worst, but give them a reason to WANT you, make them drool and keep the spark alive.  Give them something to look forward to.  Keep those extra special pieces for special occasions, but wearing a matching bra and panty set each day and incorporating lace and other sexy materials and styles into your daily routine is a must.  Granny panties not allowed!  Believe me, it will do wonders for your confidence and your relationship.

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. As a guy, I have to say “meh” to this.

    If she is wearing them for herself, because they make HER feel good, as you say the early the post, then great! Do it! All the power to her!

    …but from my end, if am physically/visually attracted to a lady, it is nearly impossible for me to become un-attracted to her based on what she is wearing.

    As I guy I certain love sexy women…it just do. Would I love a sexy wife, sure, but there is way more important things on my “list”.


    • Thanks Mike 🙂 Of course there are other priorities in a relationship, but, I am saying this should be one of them. It not only makes HER feel good, it makes her partner feel good too. It’s a WIN-WIN!!


  2. Lingerie is a great gimmick. Just like everything, it shouldn’t be overdone otherwise it’s going to be boring.

    People should also consider to not put too much value in a women’s clothing. Many Men tend to put women on a pedestal if she’s wearing that “super-hot” skirt, causing approach anxiety just because she look’s like a well-dressed women.

    Anyways, Lingerie rocks : ).



    • Thanks Andrew … something as simple as matching bra and panties even in color makes a world of difference. As for women’s clothing being a “value added”, well, it’s all about first impressions and attraction … putting our best foot forward so to speak 🙂


  3. Let me ask something. Im a bit of a nudist. Clothing in general make me feel very agitated, all my senses are powerful. That said, youll never catch me in pants, nor. Sweats or workout crap, etc…I wear nice matching bra and panties, but at home… im nude. Whilst it be cooking, cleaning, you name. And sleeping oh my goshhhh there is no way I could wear clothing. Okay so I wear a beautiful corset or teddy a couple times a week, do the deed and off they go. In your opinion is my approach wrong? Should I be clothed more? Let me know, gratitude


  4. it’s true, graying granny pants are not the best thing for making you feel sexy. And letting yourself go is not a good idea. Sexy lingerie is a lovely treat you can wear every day. But I think bare skin against bare skin is best between the sheets – no barriers that way.


  5. I have been seeing a guy for one month. Don’t know him well, I am a professional, not a slut. Make more Money than he ever did. I am not a prude but want to take my time. I am in my late 40’s and he is in his 50’s. He buys me a gift card to a lingerie store. We haven’t even slept together. I am getting the impression that’s all he wants. We both have kids at home so it is difficult to get together in that way and I feel it is too soon. I want to be in love not just get laid. Help! I feeling like calling it quits. We both want a long term forever relationship. Am I wrong for feeling this is too soon? He is looking for one thing only. P.s. He’s a lawyer so I can’t tell if he’s always truthful. Sorry to all the lawyers out there but many have egos.


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