Single Dating Diva’s Misadventures: Some Adult Fun at the Superstore

Recently, I had the privilege of being invited to a special VIP “Pandora Party”/learning session with some other great ladies at the Adult Fun Superstore here in Ottawa.  It was held for some of Ottawa’s top bloggers and, never one to give up the opportunity to learn something new and naughty, I accepted! I just LOVE their store! They are so friendly and helpful and they have everything you could imagine, or not even imagine, in their store.  I just love their lingerie selection as well, it’s my first stop when I need something sexy!  You know how I feel about the importance of lingerie!!  So, what did I learn? LOTS!! I’m going to share some of my favorite highlights AND they were generous enough to give me a little gift for all you lovelies just in time for Christmas.  Make sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post!!

Some Adult Fun at the Superstore

surprisedThe first thing that they asked us was to go out into the store to pick out one thing we loved or were interested in trying and one thing that scared us.  The first thing I picked up was the Rabbit Vibrator as the thing I was curious about (I wanted to see if the hype was real) and the thing that scared me? Well, this butt plug that was massive … I’m talking MASSIVE … like several inches wide huge!! When we got back it seems I wasn’t the only one scared by it!! Others picked it up too, that and a big, heavy fist.

Our fabulous host Aphrodite was so welcoming and was very open to our questions and wide eyed fascination.  Here are some highlights:

Porn: It doesn’t have to be intimidating, gross or scary.  There are varied options for women to enjoy that actually don’t include “oops I dropped my pen” or a pizza delivery guy.  Apparently they actually have story lines … perhaps I should check some out … perhaps.  I never really found porn threatening … my locals do you remember “Bleu Nuit”? LOL!! C’mon don’t say you didn’t sneak the TV on late at night!!!  For the rest of you, here in Ottawa we were graced with soft porn late at night and a great many of us learned a lot from just watching those movies.

Lube: Yay for lube! Some women just can’t get wet enough and there are literally dozens of different types depending on what you like and what your needs are.  We got to test the different ones on our hands, warming, flavored, even water based.  What stood out? Well it was the “Dickalicious” lube that can be used for male stimulation and to make pleasing your man a little more, well, appetizing.

Vibrators: Who would have thought there were soooo many options! There are even “ergonomical” vibrators.  Imagine that.  You know, who needs carpel tunnel syndrome, right?  It’s all about comfort and pleasure.  Depending on what you’re really wanting there is a vibrator for you!! Some are more discreet and simple while others are quite complex.  I think the ones with more than one setting seem to be more practical.  Best to try more than one, you know, to make sure!  Here we talked about the Rabbit … so is it everything it’s hyped up to be? Yes, and no.  Essentially, it depends on your body.  Sometimes all the components don’t align.  They make different sizes because we’re not all made the same.  You can also use a regular vibrator with a vibrating cock ring if the Rabbit doesn’t work for you.

BDSM: 50 Shades of Grey definitely brought this lifestyle to light.  We learned how to recreate some of the things from the book.  So is it all it’s cracked up to be … well, if you like that sort of thing.  It really depends on your tolerance level.  You need to try different things to see what you like.  There are many types of bondage materials for tying up, the ones we tried were one-size-fits-all velcro (so you can easily get out of them) … I was brave enough to be the model for one of those spreader bars … LOL … well, not so bad.  I’m all for trying everything once … be brave people, be brave!!  Just be gentle and don’t flog or hit anywhere in the lower back area because you could damage vital organs.

Anal: One step at a time is the biggest lesson learned here.  That and LOTS of lube.  It’s apparently very pleasurable for some people.  You just need to practice, practice, practice.  Start small and work your way up to bigger and better things.  What about that massive butt plug?  Well, it’s actually used by some.  How on earth does someone get it in there?  Well, lots of practice and time.  OK, well, to each their own right?  There are more pretty and small plugs for those not quite at the big butt plug level.  But they have one with a crystal at the end that was pretty.  Oh and don’t forget that whatever you stick up there needs to have a base or else it could get sucked up and disappear forever … so spare yourself the embarrassing doctor’s visit and be safe.

Also, you need to make sure all your toys are completely clean before and after you use them in order to avoid infections.  Most important lesson learned? Have fun! Be open minded! Be adventurous! Try new things! Just be safe always, and never do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

So as you can see, I definitely had a fun night out with some great ladies and learned some great things.  What are your favorite toys/aides? Do you have funny or horror stories related to sex toys/aides? I would love to hear about it in the comments!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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To book your own private Pandora party or for more information call the Adult Fun Superstore at 613-741-7200.


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