Top 5 Tips For First Time Guy Sleeps Over

Well, when it comes to sleeping, I like my space. I enjoy my bed, I will admit it. I bought very expensive, very soft sheets and crawling into bed at night is a treat. Yes, I enjoy sleeping on my own, I mean who doesn’t like having the whole bed to themselves? Seriously!? OK, but I will also admit that I do like having someone there with me sometimes too, you know, to cuddle with and for company. Sometimes. When you date a lot, you don’t really get much of that sleep over experience, however, when it does happen it can be awkward.

First Time Guy Sleeps OverFirst Time Guy Sleeps Over?

The first time guy sleeps over can be a very stressful experience. You want it to go right, especially if it’s something you’ve planned for. He’s seen you at your best and now he will see you in the morning. I don’t care who you are, this isn’t Hollywood … we ALL wake up with crazy hair, bad breath, crusty eyes and goodness knows what else. No one is fresh in the morning … so will he still want you after he’s seen you this way? OK, let’s not be silly or paranoid … but really? What about at night? What if you snore, drool or fart in your sleep? Yikes!!

So what do you do the first time guy sleeps over? I have given it some thought …

Top 5 Tips For First Time Guy Sleeps Over

  1. Spic and Span: make sure your house is clean and your room and bathroom are even cleaner. Don’t let him be distracted by clutter or odd smells the first time guy sleeps over. Hang up your clothes, put away the pile of shoes at your front door and tidy up. Make it a hospitable place for your guy. I always have a toiletries basket for guests and fresh towels.
  2. Make Him Feel at Home: First time guy sleeps over should be a positive experience for both of you, but especially for him. He’s coming into your space, so make him feel like he has a place in your life. Leave a little room on the counter for his toothbrush or anything else he brought. Let him do things himself like get a drink or whatever he likes from the fridge.
  3. Prepare Yourself Mentally: It’s important that you not freak out about the first time guy sleeps over. Seriously. He obviously wants to be with you and a sleepover is a big deal. He’s probably just as nervous as you. Just think positive and everything will work out.
  4. Wear Something Sexy: OK ladies, this means no granny panties, no flannel pyjamas and no t-shirts (unless it’s his)!! First time guy sleeps over should leave a positive mental image in his head. Give him something to think about the whole next day. Go out and buy a sexy nightie or camisole with some sexy panties. You can even send him a picture of just the lingerie earlier in the day and make him anticipate what it will be like to see you in it.
  5. Have FUN: This one’s the most important tip!! It’s OK whatever happens, even if it’s something embarrassing!! Just laugh about it and move on. Enjoy your sleepover experience. Cuddle, or not, kiss, or not … do what you like and make it a positive experience. The first time guy sleeps over should be fun, not stressful.

The most important thing is to make sure you’re ready for this big step in your new relationship. When you are things will fall into place naturally. The first time guy sleeps over is a milestone, true, but it also can be a great experience. So enjoy it!!

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  1. When guy spends the night, the best thing to do is be yourself – but be your best self! Do what SingleDatingDiva says – tidy up and present your home and yourself as you would for any important guest – then be YOU!

    If you feel uncomfortable then you’ll act uncomfortable and that will make HIM fell uncomfortable…if you are just nervous, then tell him!! It gives him a chance to be the man and hold space for you, building trust and demonstrating you can be vulnerable to him.

    If you are REALLY uncomfortable, then perhaps the timing is not right, listen to your body and see if you feel light about it (nerves) or heavy (fear) and if that fear is founded (it’s him) or not (it’s you) and proceed accordingly!

    And remember, you can have him stay over even before (or after) you go “all the way” without the expectation of sex – remember how much fun you had on sleepovers as a kid? Well if he’s into it and is really into you, he probably would jump at the chance to have an entire night with you to himself, to talk, to share, to cuddle, to kiss, to dine, to massage you, oh the possibilities are endless – and knowing there is no pressure for sexual performance can make the intimacy SOAR for both people! And it might just be a way to set yourself or HIM apart from the others and have a new experience! Why not see what ELSE he is capable in the bedroom besides going at it like animals (fun too)? Maybe he knows hypnosis? Maybe he gives great hand massages? Maybe he’d like to paint your nails? Rub your feet? Stare into your eyes and listen louder than any man ever has to you…it all can be VERY exciting and build rapport that can then lead to even more exciting SEX later!!

    P.S. just found out that SDD is Canadian and I LOVE that!! Spent many years up in Canada working, eh? : ))


  2. Pink Floyd said it best ” it’s just another brick in the wall ” – the wall supporting the relationship that is. Enjoy the experience. Be yourself , that means if PJ are you than don’t go out and buy a negligee you will not be able to carry if off – yes I’m serious .


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