Is Adaptability the Key to Happiness?

I was recently reading an article titled The Key Component of a Happy Life. In it, they were exploring what people THINK makes them happy versus what qualities happy people actually have. We often look to those experiences that we felt most happy and try to relive the past or compare all future experiences to those ones. This causes us to lose sight of what is actually happening in front of us and we fail to enjoy life as it happens. The author argued that what REALLY brings happiness is “to flow wonderfully with whatever life brings“, they continued, “what we must do is stop focusing on what’s happening externally. Instead, we should put more energy toward changing our reaction and interaction with the experience. It’s about finding something wonderful in all experiences.”

This means being adaptable, going with the flow and appreciating each experience. This is very hard for many of us. It wasn’t until I learned to do this that I actually was able to find happiness and recognize things to be grateful for each day. The only thing within our control is our reaction to what is happening around us. Rather than dwelling on how unfair or challenging a situation is, we can instead focus on making the best of it. This was really really hard for me to grasp initially. When things didn’t go how I felt they should or I failed at something in my life, I really took it hard and I dwelled there for a lot longer than I should. Instead of seeing the good in it, even the lesson, I threw a pity party. It was only later, in retrospect, that I was able to see how those bad experiences – my divorce, my not getting a job I wanted, my not being successful at certain things, not being loved back by certain people, losing friendships – were actually a blessing and not a curse.

I wanted to end with an impactful quote from the article mentioned above, “things may change, but you can adjust to the changes. You can find beautiful things in your new circumstances. You must focus on making the most out of this moment, the present moment. Yes, you can reserve 10% of your energy on trying to change things, but if at least 90% of your energy is spent on finding contentment in the experience instead of changing the experience, that’s happiness.”

It’s time to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! Stop giving so much power to other people or even your life events / experiences. Once you control your reaction then your whole life will change. Be happy. Choose happiness. Nothing and nobody in life is worth your misery.

Deep breath.


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