Control Your Life [Be a Rockstar]

  • It’s easy to get carried away with life’s craziness which is why we need to focus on taking control of our life ourselves rather than letting life control us.
  • Control means different things to different people, so it’s important to pinpoint what exactly you feel is out of control in your life in order to take the steps to regain control.
  • Whatever “out of control” means for you, it represents a challenge you have to overcome. For example, if your house looks like a tornado ripped through it, organizing and cleaning may help regain your focus.
  • Being honest about your limitations – what is within and outside your control – helps with perspective. Accept that you can’t change everyone or everything but you can work on yourself by changing your thinking.
  • Succeeding at taking control of your life really begins with commitment to the process and learning every step of the way – what works? what doesn’t? what makes you feel more in control? what doesn’t? What motivates you to do better? Use your intuition. It’s really a process.
  • Controlling your emotions, reactions and perspectives can also help you see things more clearly and build your emotional intelligence. Try meditating or even taking a deep breath to “regroup” when you feel that things are spiraling out of control.
  • You will find that taking control of your life will help you not only connect in a meaningful way with others but also make you look more positively at your life.
  • TRY THIS: Reflect on what taking control of your life really means for you so that you can focus your efforts. What do you feel is “out of control” and what is within your control? What steps can you take to make a change? Remember to start small.

POST IT NOTE: I will not let my life control me

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