Power of Words [Lessons Learned]

Words are powerful. Whether they are spoken, written, or thought, all words have some level of power. The words we use define us as well as our every experience in life. Words have meaning. The next time you use words to describe yourself or your life or the people around you, think about what those words really mean. Do they lift you/others up or bring you/them down? Do they attract positive energy or bad luck? Consider the power of your words next time you speak, write or think them.

How to be mindful of your words:

  • Think about the impact the words you use have on your life.
  • Lean towards constructive feedback rather than criticism.
  • Be aware of non-verbal language when speaking/listening.
  • Choose grateful, positive language.
  • Condition yourself to stop thinking negatively.

Change your words, change your life. Your personal narrative can impact the type of life you live. In order to live life forward you need to live a life fulfilled. The way to do that is to change your words. Always speaking negatively about yourself and others only attracts more negativity because you will always see and expect the worst in every situation and from every person. Alternately, if you try and see the good in every situation (even very little) and maybe even be grateful for it, good will always come out of everything you experience. Perspective. It’s not easy, I know, but it isn’t impossible. There’s nothing wrong with owning your feelings, even if they’re negative, but learn to understand them better. When changing perspectives do expect setbacks but keep getting up and moving forward.

Words are powerful but if you change your narrative you can change your life. Each event in your life can have outcomes, it all depends on your actions as well as your perception. Good news is that YOU are in control of your narrative and YOU are in control of how your story plays out. So, why not choose the path that will empower you? How you do this is to be aware of how you use your words and letting go of any that don’t serve your best interest.

Consider one of your narratives, how does it serve you or hold you back? How can you change your perspective in order to allow it to empower you and help you grow? Doing this WILL change your life. Try it! Tell me how it goes.

One. Step. At. A. Time.