What We Leave Behind

I was recently listening to a podcast where they brought up the topic of the “energy you leave behind” after every interaction with others. Most of us want to make a positive impact in the world, maybe even leave a legacy, but it’s the daily one on one interactions with others that really make the most difference. I’ve always challenged myself to leave a person better than I found them, I, however, have not always been successful for many reasons, mostly because I couldn’t see past my own self preservation in what was a very challenging time in my life. Not an excuse, just my truth.

Most of us are experiencing similar challenges, especially in recent months and years. Self-preservation has become priority because many are struggling to stay above water physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and even spiritually. It’s not only a challenging battle, it’s exhausting. However, it’s important that we recognize this reality and the impact it has on us. Whether it is making an effort to greet a stranger, saying “thank you” to store employees or healthcare workers (who are putting their lives at risk to serve you), tipping your food driver well, supporting local businesses or even checking on that parent who is trying to balance work and home and putting themselves last on the priority list. There are so many examples of how we can bring just a little bit of light and compassion into other people’s worlds. It really doesn’t take much.

Instead of light, we are experiencing so much darkness in the world. The pandemic as social and political unrest has released the beast and NOT the best in many people. It’s every person for themselves. While you do need to take care of yourself and your family, you also have a responsibility to others because we are all part of one humanity.

Ask yourself:

  • Is what I’m doing or saying promoting love or hate?
  • Am I taking my own frustrations and anxieties out on other people?
  • Are my personal choices impacting others negatively or positively?
  • Am I projecting my negativity on others?
  • Do I see the big picture or just my tunnel vision?
  • Am I living a life of love and gratitude?
  • Am I leaving others better off than I found them?

Life is hard, there is no doubt of that, BUT the impact we make on others is up to us. Am I being preachy, maybe a little bit but it’s also to myself. We need to commit to trying our hardest to be better, do better and approach challenges in a genuine and peaceful way. New day, new life. I have accepted this challenge … do you?

Today is the International Day of Charity, think about how YOU can bring light to someone else’s darkness – money or time or even raising awareness can go a long way!

Deep breath. One.step.at.a.time.


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