Authenticity and Power [Be a Rockstar]

These posts are meant to lead you be your most empowered self and help you overcome those things that are holding you back from reaching your goals. Some of this might resonate with you, or not, and I’m not here to judge anyone or their actions, only to give you something to think about.

All those empowering “memes” out there talk about about you doing you and standing up for yourself, being yourself. Well, easier said than done when you are bombarded by contrasting images and messaging pushing you to “improve” yourself, look better and have eternal youth (or at least strive to it). All those fakey fakey influencers and “experts” looking hotter than hot or even not, making you feel insecure. So what can you do? You can, and should, be authentic.

Authenticity is truly being true to yourself by being honest with yourself and others, not being afraid to explore those parts of yourself that call to you most and, most importantly, being empowered by who you are as a whole – the good, the bad, the ugly included. It’s time to take back your power and be your awesome authentic self. The rest will fall in place much easier after you do.

Where to start:

  • Be aware of the situations, people, events that make you feel most and least empowered and authentic.
  • Try and figure out what about the least empowered situations makes you feel less than you are. Then, work towards changing that for the better.

Affirmation & Gratitude:

Affirm who you truly are and what makes you special. Remind yourself each day before you start the day. Write it somewhere where you can see it. Be grateful for every part of you, even the ones you don’t like.

“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.”

[Eckhart Tolle]

Your Takeaway

  1. Living an authentic life means living your truth. It means being empowered by who you are rather than what others want you to be.
  2. When you live with honesty and integrity, you are true to your core values and beliefs with little to no influence from others.
  3. Expert advice lists these five ways to be authentic: 1. Don’t lie, 2. Don’t say what you are thinking impulsively, 3. Trust the feedback your body/gut gives you, 4. Stay in your own truth—and out of other people’s business, 5. Accept the ugly bits of yourself, including the difficult emotions.
  4. You can tell if someone is authentic or fake by observing their words and actions. They are usually the ones that not concerned about their “image”, they’re consistent and focus on being their true vulnerable self, admitting when they are wrong.
  5. An authentic person is empowered by being themselves. They are grateful for their life and all their experiences, appreciating them as part of who they are, no shame or guilt necessary.

TRY THIS: Take inventory of your life listing in your journal when you feel the most and least authentic. Try and figure out why you feel less authentic in those situations and plan a more authentic path forward.

POST IT NOTE: I will be my most authentic self

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