I Will Take Charge of My Life [Monday Mantra]


We often get complacent in our life, that is to say we get quite comfortable. The problem is, that we also get stuck where we are at without growing, evolving or moving forward. Often times, we even sit around waiting for things to happen TO us … such as finding love, getting a promotion at work, becoming more successful, or reaching our goals. Well, unless you take charge of your life, nothing will change. If you want change YOU need to BE change. No exceptions.

It all starts with knowing who you are, realizing where you are at and the journey that got you there and, ultimately, being clear about where you want to be. Essentially, take stock of who you are, all of you, all of your experiences, your strengths and even your weaknesses. Then focus on what your goals are and how you’re going to get there. You, yourself, need to do this.

I also encourage my clients to keep a journal with affirmations and gratitude statements. It helps ground them in the moment and motivates them. It also helps develop positive self talk. Anything that encourages drives you to take charge of your life and make it a better tomorrow.

When you take charge of your life, you and only you are accountable. No excuses, no nonsense, no BS. No one is coming to save you, no one is coming to make you better and no one is coming to sweep you off your feet. Be your own hero. Reach for your dreams. They are your dreams. Be passionate about them. Achieve them. It is, ultimately, up to you.

I have also found that if you take at least 80% of your time on the things that matter most – goals, positive tasks, people – then you will start feeling more in control of your life and taking charge, making changes, will become easier and more natural.

Again, change is a choice that you have to make. It’s up to you to do better and be better in order to have a better life. So what will you choose?  

This week’s mantra:
“I will take charge of my life.”

Write it down. Repeat it. BELIEVE IT!