Love Languages [Be a Rockstar]

A love language is the way you give and receive love. Not everyone is the same and knowing the love language of those closest to you can really enhance your relationships. Dr. Gary Chapman’s book “The 5 Love Languages” introduced the concept.

He realized, during therapy sessions with couples, that they were misunderstanding each other’s intentions and expectations. As a result, he came up with five types of expression of love: these are words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service and receiving gifts. When utilized correctly, you can enhance your personal relationships by giving your loved ones in a way that is meaningful to them.

  • Words of Affirmation – supporting and encouraging your partner with your words, complimenting them. Ex: saying you look great!
  • Acts of Service – supporting your partner with your actions, doing things for them that are helpful, thoughtful. Ex: doing a chore for them.
  • Receiving Gifts – giving thoughtful gifts that would make them happy. Ex: you saw something that made you think of them and bought it.
  • Quality Time – spending meaningful time with your loved one. Ex: planning a special activity for the two of you.
  • Physical Touch – physical intimacy such as cuddling, holding hands or whatever is best for the two of you. Ex: holding hands when you walk.

Your love language can also evolve over time with you. Your love language can also evolve over time with you. As you change and as your life changes your needs do too. That happened to me going from single to married with kids changed my love language from “quality time” to “acts of service” (nothing sexier than your husband doing the house chores!).

You can also take things one-step further and apply it to yourself as your “self-love language”. Do for yourself what you need from others as well.

  • Words of Affirmation – daily affirmations and mantras, gratitude journal, positive self talk
  • Acts of Service – volunteering, therapy, coaching, decluttering
  • Receiving Gifts – buying yourself something special, going on a trip
  • Quality Time – meditation, spa day, exploring on your own
  • Physical Touch – massages, weighted blanket, being active

Love languages will help you effectively communicate and connect with others in a very profound way. You deserve the best kind of love and healthy relationships, this will help you get there.

TRY THIS: Find out what your love language is by taking Dr. Chapman’s 30-question quiz to see which one is your dominant type (take it again if it’s been a while) and apply it to your life. You can also ask your loved ones to do it too. It will help everyone relate better to each other.

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