Choose Fearless Love [Lessons Learned]

We need to stop looking at love as only romantic or familial. Love is self-love, love of others – ALL others! “If You Want To Become Fearless – Choose Love” says Rune Lazuli. What does that even mean? The way I see it, to love is to be brave. It has to take a chance, take risks, and put yourself out there, most often outside your comfort zone. Choosing fearless love makes you a beacon of light to the world. Something really really need right now.

Love should be all-encompassing. This not only includes romantic love but also love of humanity as a whole. People are living in silos and behind their screens, the outside world being of no relevance for them. This is tragic. The world is hurting. There is so much darkness out there. We need to be the light that brightens up the world. Use our candles to light other people’s candles (which never dims our own).

How to choose fearless love:

  • Step away from your silo or from behind your screen into the real world, notice what’s around you.
  • Be the light that brightens up the world by lighting other people’s candles with your own.
  • Read and learn more about marginalized people/communities experiences from their own sources.
  • Volunteer your time, money or resources to a cause you believe in.

  • Choosing love is to fearlessly choose to be a global citizen, a human, a caregiver and defender.
  • There are so many people who need you. So many people who are suffering. So many people who are marginalized. Even in your own community.
  • Read more. Learn more. From THEIR sources. Do not discriminate based on your life view or opinions. There can be different paths to the same finish line.
  • Be a sounding board, donate money to a cause you believe in, donate food, volunteer at an organization, or even raise awareness. This also means being a listener as well as being open and respectful to every opinion even if it is not your own.
  • Love is the cornerstone of life. Everyone’s life. If we lead with love then we will, in turn, attract love. Be a beacon of love and your life will change and you will change the world around you.
  • I will leave you with an inspiring quote from the Kabbalist Rav Berg “make enough room in your heart to love each and every person without thinking about what you will get in return.” Think about that.

POST IT NOTE: I will lead with love

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One. Step. At. A. Time.