Anti-toxicity and Power [Be a Rockstar]

These posts are meant to lead you be your most empowered self and help you overcome those things that are holding you back from reaching your goals. Some of this might resonate with you, or not, and I’m not here to judge anyone or their actions, only to give you something to think about.

The term “toxic” gets thrown around a lot. We mention that so and so is toxic, or a relationship is toxic or even that certain situations are toxic, but what does it really mean? It means that whatever this experiences is, it brings up very negative energy, reactions and outcomes. Although we try and avoid these types of occurrences, they happen more often than we would like to admit. We, also, can be the catalyst of toxicity.

In order to live an anti-toxic life, we have to really take stock of who we are, of what energizes and empowers us as well as those we surround ourselves with, asking ourselves some really hard questions about it like why and what is feeding it.

Where to start:

  • Be aware of the toxic people and things in your life.
  • Also, be cognizant of your own toxic behavior.
  • Empower yourself by doing a cleanup to ensure less toxicity is present.

Affirmation & Gratitude:

Affirm each day that you will live a toxic free life, having a plan how to deal with toxic experiences that your might encounter each day. List each win and lesson learned in your journal as gratitude for the day.

“Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out.”

[Robert Tew]

Your Takeaway

  1. An anti-toxin literally exists in order to neutralize a toxin. In the same way anti-toxicity will eliminate toxic behavior from yourself and others.
  2. Eliminating toxicity starts with authenticity, honesty and taking responsibility for your actions and words.
  3. Those who are toxic are usually those to deflect blame on others and project their negativity and misery on others. They are also very manipulative.
  4. Our own experience with toxic individuals is our own responsibility. Typically those who don’t respect their own boundaries fall prey to toxic people and eventually become toxic themselves.
  5. Affirmations and gratitude help you move towards more anti-toxic behavior and people because it will guide your actions and words because you will be more self-aware.

TRY THIS: Reflect on your own toxic behavior and empower your life by eliminating this behavior. Set achievable goals for guaranteed success.

POST IT NOTE: I will be the anti-toxin

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