Feeling Empathy and Mental Health [Be a Rockstar]

These posts are meant to lead you be your most empowered self and help you overcome those things that are holding you back from reaching your goals. Some of this might resonate with you, or not, and I’m not here to judge anyone or their actions, only to give you something to think about.

When you are empathetic, you step outside your own emotions and worldview to experience things entirely from the perspective of others. You ultimately have the ability to understand and share the feelings of others as well as being mindful of their experiences. Someone who is truly empathetic also displays signs of emotional intelligence. There is such thing as a too much empathy and some are emotionally burned out, so when you are empathetic be mindful of self-care.

Empathy comes naturally to some and others have to work at it. Empathy can also be selective where people are empathetic with some people and not others. Typically, we are more empathetic with someone we can relate to or that we see ourselves in. Being aware of your own empathetic tendencies empowers you because it allows you to be more equitable with your empathy.

Where to start:

According to experts, empathy can be taught and strengthened. In order to build your empathy skills you can:

  • Listen to understand without a personal agenda;
  • Be aware of nonverbal communication such as body language;
  • Aim to understand others, regardless of your own worldview;
  • Learn more about others by asking questions and reading more;
  • Imagine yourself in someone else’s place.

Affirmation & Gratitude:

Affirmations and gratitude play a significant part in being more empathetic. You can affirm daily that you will be more empathetic with others and write out a plan in your journal how you will do that. Goals can be along the lines of learning more, reading more and asking more questions. It will make you more grateful for where you are at in your own journey when you better understand where others are at.

“Empathy is a special way of coming to know another and ourselves.”

[Carl R. Rogers]

Your Takeaway

  1. Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another” and you are mindful of what they are going through in a real way.
  2. Empathy is an important part of being emotionally intelligent because it makes manifest the link between yourself and other people by truly listening and understanding where they are coming from.
  3. Empathy gives us the ability to be compassionate with others regardless of our connection to them. It fosters healthy relationships both personally and professionally. In addition, it helps us be more altruistic towards others in their time of need. 
  4. To be more empathetic, challenge yourself to be mindful of how others feel. While most of us are born with this ability, some of us need to work at it. Make it an affirmation for your day.
  5. Challenge your way of thinking by taking the time to understand other people’s perspectives non-judgmentally, way of life, way of thinking, etc. This starts with listening and learning.

TRY THIS: Read news stories about people’s experiences, good and bad ones, and challenge yourself to be empathetic with them by putting yourself in their place. How would you feel? What emotions would you have? What would you need? Who would you need?

POST IT NOTE: I will be more empathetic with others

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