How to be Likeable [Be a Rockstar]

Even though we really should not care what people think of us, there are places in our life that being more likeable will work in our favor – namely romantic, social and professional situations. Let’s face it, regardless of what we SHOULD feel we all want to be more likeable. Not only does it bring us a feeling of belonging and even validation, it just feels good. It can also help us reach our personal and professional goals.

A survey was conducted online asking what makes people likeable and here are the results (in order of rank):

  • Be funny – have a good sense of humor, don’t take yourself too seriously, but no jokes in bad taste, read the room but don’t try too hard
  • Be a good listener – a good listener is someone who actively listens and paraphrases, then, acts accordingly
  • Don’t judge – always attempt to understand where someone is coming from, their experience, their lens before making a judgment, ask questions, know their why and keep your opinion out of it
  • Be authentic – be genuinely you without trying too hard to be a people pleaser or a show off
  • Show people that you like them – be warm and friendly to all the people you meet, you don’t have to be their best friend but being friendly shows that you are approachable
  • Smile – nonverbal communication is extremely important, a smile is one of the best ways to create bridges with others and can make someone’s day, I would also add eye contact as well
  • Be humble – humility is not being a know it all or arrogant, you admit to not being perfect and to not having all the knowledge, it doesn’t mean you’re not confident, just the opposite, you are so confident that you’re actually humble
  • Keep your promises – this needs no explanation, be a person of your word, reliable, some would even say “under sell and over deliver”

Other things you can do to be likeable both personally and professionally is giving genuine compliments to others, as well as putting your technical devices (mobile, etc) away when you are around others and of course finding common interests with whoever you are communicating with.

If being around others makes you nervous, stop overthinking it and mentally prepare yourself for each social situation. For example, visualization exercises help for some people.

I am certainly not saying that everyone is going to like you or that you should care what people think, but if you want to find love, enhance your relationships or even progress in your career then these tips will help.

TRY THIS: Look at the list of what makes people likeable, check off the ones you are good at, and write down why. Then look more closely at the ones you need to work on and create a plan of how to enhance those skills.

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