Zooming In to Zoom Out [Empowerment Journal Challenge]

Dearest readers, I wanted to share with you an exciting new eBook and support that I will be offering. If you’re a regular reader, you know that I speak a great deal about the power and focus journaling can bring into your life. This is why I have created an “Empowerment Journal” for you to use for FREE to help guide you on your path to full empowerment. I realize that for many, including me, this is a process and takes some discipline. So I have created a 30 day challenge, including a Zoom session to help get you started and to keep you motivated throughout the month. While it’s not a magic wand that will solve all your problems, it is a guidebook to help you focus in on where you’re at in your life in order to better plan for where you want to be.

Zooming In to Zoom Out

Zooming in helps us get into the nitty gritty details, zooming out is our “big picture” or the overarching umbrella. Here’s what I mean:

Zooming In: Getting deep into the details and distinctions. Specifically adjusting so you can get a better look. The Empowerment Journal will challenge you to look at each day a little more closely. You will focus on small daily goals, gratitude, self-care and affirmations. For example, a daily goal would be taking a 5 minute walk, meditating for 5 minutes today or practicing saying no.

Zooming Out: Understanding where you are at facilitates planning where you want to be more realistically. The zoom out looks at the big picture and your big goals. For example a big goal would be losing weight or getting married or finding a new job. There are many small goals under the big goal and in this challenge we will be focusing on them.

I would love for you to join us on this 30 day journey. If anything, it might give you a different perspective when nothing else has worked. This method really worked for me and I continue to use journaling to organize my thoughts.

Zooming In to Zoom Out

Here are “30 Day Challenge” details:

What: Empowerment Journal 30 Day Challenge

When: Starting September 1, 2022 and goes until September 30, 2022

Where: Wherever you like, also virtual group sessions with me

Who: Anyone from anywhere can join, regardless of personal goals, as long as they are committed to the process.

Why: To help you reach your goals and enable your empowered and disciplined mindset getting you ready to accomplish anything.

How: If you are interested in joining, click here to read more about the journal and request your copy.

I had a great chat with Dahlia Kurtz about this on her Good Mornings on Sirius XM: Listen Here

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