My Souls Purpose Will Empower Me [Monday Mantra]


These posts are meant to lead you be your most empowered self and help you overcome those things that are holding you back from reaching your goals. Some of this might resonate with you, or not, and I’m not here to judge anyone or their actions, only to give you something to think about.

We speak a lot about our soul’s purpose. Why are we here, what are we meant to do, how can we make a difference, what is our purpose. Finding this purpose empowers us and gives our lives meaning. If you want to make a difference in the world, it starts with answering these questions. When you do find this purpose, the rest falls into place because it will come naturally. For example, some of us are more naturally inclined towards working with the less fortunate, some of us have a knack for giving advice, while others’ strengths lie in writing or even listening. Each and every one of us has a skill that can help others, we just need to tap into that. That’s what we’re speaking about this week.

How this empowers us is simple. By doing things for others, it fills our cup, makes us more confident and gives us those positive feels. It makes you happy and content with your life. It motivates you to take the path that makes you most fulfilled in your life. Ask yourself what you are good at? What makes you most happy? Where do you naturally gravitate towards? These will help guide your path towards empowerment through your soul’s purpose.

This week on Diva of Love and Blast the Radio we will be discussing how honoring your soul’s purpose will empower you.  We will cover the topics of inner peace, light and darkness as well as acts of service and how they empower you!

This week’s mantra:
“My soul’s purpose will empower me.”

Write it down. Repeat it. BELIEVE IT!