Being Assertive NOT Aggressive [Be a Rockstar]

Being assertive means demonstrating a confident personality rather than being aggressive which is being forceful or confrontational. In contrast, being passive is allowing people or situations to dictate what happens to you with no reaction. Leading with love will help you be more assertive and less aggressive which is typically dominated by anger.

When you are assertive, you communicate with confidence and clarity. Aggressive behavior, on the other hand, involves being impulsive, negative and not listening. For example, using “I” statements (I feel…) is assertive while using “YOU” statements (You always…) is more aggressive. Having a positive sense of self and your worth will help you be more assertive, especially in negative situations. Being assertive means being able to effectively communicate your thoughts and emotions in a clear and positive manner, even in difficult situations. This is where your self-worth etc come to play.

How do you become more assertive?

  • know who you are and what you want in life
  • have clear goals and objectives
  • listen and communicate clearly
  • clarify your boundaries
  • be open to constructive feedback and action as necessary

What can stand in your way?

  • previous trauma
  • low self-esteem
  • negative environment
  • anxiety
  • low confidence
  • negative self talk

You are in the driver’s seat! Remember that being assertive is a positive thing because it demonstrates self-respect and that you are willing to stand up for yourself and reach for your goals. If you’re looking to improve your life, find a job, find love or even just do something different, you CAN, being assertive will help.

TRY THIS: Before going into potentially negative or stressful situations, take a deep breath and focus on your goal, your message and be confident in your ability to handle the situation

POST IT NOTE: I will be assertive and not aggressive

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