Dating Pet Peeves

We’ve all got pet peeves … those things that really annoy us.  I have lots … like people crunching while they are on the telephone with me.  I just want to reach into the telephone and take away whatever they’re eating.  What else? Oh there are many things! But what about when we’re dating?  What are some things that can be annoying to others?  A little while back I asked some of my friends, family and readers what their dating pet peeves were.  Well here they are (and yes it’s a list LOL)!!

Top 10 Dating Pet Peeves

  1. dating-pet-peevesSomeone who’s always late for a date – It really does show a disrespect for the other person’s time
  2. Someone with bad personal hygiene practices – Who wants to date a stinky smelly person? Or someone with bad breath? YUCK!! I actually wrote about that in my post here.
  3. Someone who has a negative attitude – Who needs someone who is always bringing them down? We all have bad days, but someone who is constantly negative for no good reason definitely isn’t someone I want to be around.
  4. Someone who’s always throwing a pity party – Have you met those people who are always feeling sorry for themselves and want to bring you in on it? They’re the ones who are always in pain, who are sick or who simply are magnets for bad luck, or do they just bring it on themselves? My sympathy definitely has its limits.
  5. Someone narcissistic – You know the ones … they’re the ones that always want everything to be about them.  They have to look better than everyone and BE better than everyone.  Who needs that?
  6. Someone who’s a bad kisser (or bad at anything physical) – Now seriously, these things are important, so you better be good at it … and if you’re not be willing to learn!
  7. Someone cheap – There is nothing worse than someone who won’t spend money on you … or purposefully avoid going out so they don’t spend money.  I’m not saying go broke, but I am saying I want to be treated (I will reciprocate for a generous guy).
  8. Someone who disrespects others – Have you ever been out and your date treats the server like their own personal slave? Ya them. Just notice how they speak and treat others … it’s definitely an indication of how they will treat you.
  9. Someone who disappears off the face of the earth – Ever have someone ghost on you?  You know the ones, they call you when THEY feel like it.  You, my friend, are being e-maintained.  What’s that, you can read about it here.  I’ve been there, trust me.
  10. Someone who is lazy – Nothing turns me off more than a guy who has no ambition and sits on his ass all day and does nothing but watch TV or play video games.  I am a very active person and I expect the same.

All these things, according to those I asked, are dating deal breakers.  They are certainly some of my deal breakers too!!  What do you think? Is your list similar or would you add/remove any?

Readers: What are some of your dating pet peeves?! I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. 9. Someone who disappears off the face of the earth / E-maintained

    I had never heard that term before, then went and read your other post about it. I have totally been the wrong side of this. It’s like people think you’re going to wait forever for them. I’ve stopped being nice if it’s been over a week since I’ve heard from a guy. I simple respond with “What do you want?” ….because wanting something is usually the only reason why they made an effort to make any contact.


  2. Damn, I am so with you on the narcissistic pricks – bugs the crap out of me! Um, how about asking *me* a question? Surely there is something you’d like to know? No? Oh, you’d prefer just prattling on and on about yourself? OK. Good night and good luck.


  3. The disappearing man or woman – always a tough one. I wrote an essay about this. It’s called “poofing.” As in, you’re dating for a bit and then out of thin air, poof, they’re gone. No explanation, nothing. Ugh.


  4. I was just discussing bad kissers on Q’s radio show the other night. I can’t live the rest of my life without good kisses and if he’s unwilling to learn I’m unwilling to stay. There was something to be said for teaching when I was younger and you could “train them” how you liked but now…if I have to start from slobbery square one….forget it. *cringe*

    I also have a pet peeve about the disappearing act. If you say you’re going to call/text then do it. Especially if he’s one that’s always on his phone texting when he is with you…then you better be quick to respond when it’s me! Great post, Ms. SDD.


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