One True Dating Gentleman and the Annoying Single

Wow … what a couple of weeks … lots of crazy changes in my life.  New career opportunities, new dating experiences and lots of quality time with my family and friends.  It’s good, I like to be busy, that’s for sure! But I won’t bore you with the details of my daily life because I know you’re dying to hear some dating stories!  Here are a couple interesting ones I experienced recently.

The Dating Gentleman

The Dating Gentleman was someone I met online.  He seemed nice, we chatted for a bit before deciding to go for a coffee.  It seemed we had a lot in common, a lot of similar interests and activities.  Look wise he wasn’t totally my type, but he had enough in the other departments to make me consider him.  He was well-educated, had lived his life fully, traveled, loved to cook and was totally into the healthy gluten-free lifestyle I was in (because his nephew has many allergens).  He was one of those “good on paper” guys, you know the ones … the ones you can bring home to mom and dad but didn’t have the excitement of a bad boy.  So we met.  Nice guy, total gentleman, pulling out chair, opening door, nice to staff, polite, etc … we had a great conversation for a couple of hours.  Nothing spectacular.  He seemed smitten.  I wasn’t so smitten.  First of all, he looked way older than his age.  Second, no spark.  None.  He seemed like he floats through life.  He was interesting and a good guy, very much into his family which I liked.  But no “oomph” … you know what I mean.  Nothing to leave a lasting impression.  So he sent me a text message a couple of hours after our date.  Then kept messaging me.  Hmm … too eager?  Then the next day he kept messaging me and asked me what I was doing, where I was … hmm.  I was busy and didn’t respond for a while so he asked “are you there?”.  Hmm.  I responded I was busy and I would talk to him later.  He said OK.  A couple of days passed and I got a message from him telling me it was nice meeting me but he met someone else he felt was a better match and thanked me for the date and wished me all the best.  Whether it was true or not, I really appreciated that.  All of you who have been following my blog know that this is one of the few times a man has had the guts to actually do that … yay.  I told him how much I appreciated his message and honesty and that I wished him all the best as well.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to do the rejecting, worked out well, didn’t it?  But what a gentleman, really.

The Annoying Single

Why do some people have to be so annoying? Seriously.  I like to think I’m patient and tolerant, really, OK, stop rolling your eyes (you know who you are).  But seriously, I do give people chances, but this guy is another story.  We have known of each other for many years (from the same community).  We never really talked to each other.  He found out I was single and found me on FaceBook and added me.  I added him because I knew who he was.  What a mistake.  I never really considered him as “potential” because he’s not my type, physically and personality wise.  Anyway, we chatted casually online about menial things, nothing special.  But he kept messaging over and over … I started being a little less accommodating and not responding for a day or two.  Then one day he sent me a message asking when we were going out for “a drink or two”.  I told him sorry, I wasn’t interested in him that way.  He asked why and I responded that he wasn’t my type or what I was looking for.  Then it began.  He wouldn’t let up.  He went on and on about how he always liked me but was afraid to approach me because I was so beautiful and he was fat and ugly (oh puleeeze).  He was overweight, but I was too for a long time.  He also went on about what a good guy he was and how he had so much to offer and how he would treat me better than anyone blah blah blah.  I said sorry, but I’m not interested in you.  He’s like why, but why.  So I told him to drop it and he said he would.  Two days later he was back at it.  OMG!!! I decided not to respond to his messages anymore.  So he stopped sending them.  Seriously, I don’t want to be mean, but I am not interested.  I could have totally taken advantage of his feelings and him and then dropped him down the line, but I didn’t.  He should be grateful.  Seriously, when someone says they’re not interested, don’t pull the “feel sorry for me” tactic, it doesn’t work.  Be a man for goodness sake!

Still waiting for Mr. Z … but just between you and me, there might be a prospect … stay tuned!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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