Foreign Affairs: Long Distance Relationships

Many of us have this fantasy of going to some foreign land and meeting a tall, dark and handsome stranger who sweeps us off our feet with his irresistible charm and sexy accent.  Pinch me, I’m daydreaming again.  Well, don’t you wish that would happen … we all want to be alluring to someone else … we want them to see us and not be able to resist us.  Don’t say you don’t!  Foreign men generally are good at doing that, whether it’s sincere or not.  North American men, not so much.  So what happens when this is someone you meet while on vacation or online and they live a gazillion miles away from you?  Do you pursue it or just enjoy it for what it is at that time, have your foreign affair and then go home to your reality?  I sometimes wonder.

Being a blogger who has a following from all over the world, I am lucky to be able to meet a lot of great men from many interesting places.  Men who I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  Some of these men are totally what I’m looking for.  One problem, they’re from the land of far far away.  So what’s a girl to do?  Pursue something that’s going to be a challenge?  It’s hard to decide.  I guess it depends on the person and your personal needs.  But can one of these relationships actually work?

Would You Move for a Foreign Affair?

Well in order for it to work someone has to move eventually.  Would I be willing to do that? Give up my whole life, family and friends for a new life?  Well, I’ve always said I need a life overhaul, but I’m not sure if I could give up my family.  I guess I wouldn’t be giving them up per se, but it would be a challenge for me.  These are all things I do think about.  It’s a hard choice; I don’t know how people do it.  It’s funny because before I met my ex-husband I was planning to move to Europe, I had some job interviews and things were moving in that direction.  Then I met him and thought perhaps it wasn’t meant for me to move.  I know a few people who had moved for love and were happy.  One of my best friends moved to Europe to be with her husband, and although she misses her family and friends, she has adjusted very well and is happy.  Most people I know, however, had moved here to be with their “love”.

I guess it’s all about how badly you want to be with the person and if this is the one for you.  Then the lonely nights and separation anxiety is worth it.  With today’s technology it’s not as challenging to be apart.  I mean, I spend most nights alone anyway, so what’s the difference?  Hmm … well you don’t know unless you try, right?  OK, it’s decided, I think I’m going to book a trip to Europe to find my tall, dark and handsome … I speak English, French, Arabic and Italian … that includes most places, so I’m covered!  But seriously, I believe if something is meant to be it will be, regardless of the challenges.  So if you meet “the one” you want to grow old with then you will make it happen.  Then it WILL happen.  Just believe.  Perhaps love does conquer all … perhaps.

Happy Dating!

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