Too Busy To Date?

As our lives become busier with work and activities, do we really have any time to date? I know my schedule has become quite full lately with a demanding job, gym, friends and family … and frankly me time. So does that mean people like me don’t have time to date or is it that we don’t want to make time to date? Perhaps it’s about meeting someone worth making time for. Yes, I believe that’s what it is. After years of unsuccessful dating and meeting some pretty unsavoury characters, you lose the appetite for dating just anyone.

Too Busy To Date?

too busy to dateSo what to do if you do have a busy schedule and your lack of dating life really is about not having time? Well, you make time. Taking advantage of things like online dating sites or matchmaking services could be of great help to you. With minimal effort you get lots of yield. Setting some time each week to maintain it and have a date is not hard to do if you really want it. It’s about making the effort and fitting it in to your busy schedule. Even put it in your calendar/agenda. I do that with the gym. It is scheduled at a certain time each day and I have to do it. You take it more seriously if it’s part of your already planned events.

Another option, instead of working long hours at the office, you can take your work to a café or patio. This way you will be out there and can potentially meet others. You can also centre you out of work activities doing things you like where you can meet other singles with similar interests. It’s making productive use of your time, but still putting yourself out there to meet someone.

Too busy to date? No, never too busy for the willing … so be willing!!!

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