Top 5 Ways to Secure a Second Date

Dating is fun! At least it should be! I always talk about how dating is all in the approach. It’s all about perspective. All the effort it takes to get a date makes you want to make sure the first date is a success! How do you do that? I am going to share with you my top 5 ways to secure the second date by having a first date worth writing home about!

Top 5 Ways to Secure a Second Date

Secure a Second Date1. Prepare Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

You want to be in your best form when you meet your date. This is why you need to make sure you have prepared yourself in advance. Preparing yourself physically means to look (and smell) your best. Preparing yourself mentally means to go back to all the information you’ve gathered on this person via your interactions, their likes and dislikes and remembering things they’ve already told you. People like when someone is attentive. You do not want to ask the same question about them multiple times. Besides, if you know they love a certain television program, go online and research it a bit to know what it is about, it will give you a bit of insight into their preferences and give you something to talk about, even if you do not like it too. Preparing yourself emotionally means to find your confidence and know YOUR worth above else. It means not giving a damn. You know who you are and what you have to offer and if they do not want it well someone else will. Just don’t be too cocky or arrogant.

2. Act Your Best

Acting your best is being respectful, polite and honourable. You want to behave yourself and even if you find them “rip your clothes off” gorgeous, you still need to control yourself. Listen actively when they speak and respond accordingly. Do not mock their ideas. Do not make jokes, it’s better to tell to funny personal experiences and stories to make them laugh. Do not ever ever make off color, racist or insulting jokes. Do not  check out other people during your date, even if the most gorgeous person walked through the door. Have some respect. Do not  use your mobile telephone – put it away! It’s about you and them in that moment keep it that way. You also want to gauge their interest in you at any given time. If they seem disinterested in what you are doing or talking about change it up and introduce something new.

3. Be Gracious

You know how your parents and caregivers always taught you to say please and thank you? Well this ALWAYS applies in dating as well as everywhere else. Make sure to be thankful if your date gives you a compliment, if they open the door for you, if they pull out your chair, if they pay for your coffee or dinner or whatever. At the end of the date say “thank you for a great time” or even “thank you for taking the time out to meet me”. A little gratitude goes a VERY long way.

4. Leave Something to the Imagination

You do not need to tell every detail of your whole life story from beginning to end. Keep them wondering. Give them bits and pieces, interesting facts but not everything – especially on the first date! Most of all do not over share. Nobody needs to know about your gastrointestinal issues or that weird mole you found on your groin. Do not  bitch and complain about your ex or your other bad dates and relationships. Do tell funny stories about past dates or people you’ve met. You know the story “A Thousand and One Nights”, take that as an example. She kept the king wondering what the next day would bring and that, my friends, is what kept her alive and gained her favour.

5. Ask For the Second Date at the End of the First

If you are really convinced that you hit it off and that you really want a second date then just ask for it. Right then and there. Yes, asking for the second date at the end of the first is doable and acceptable. You do run the risk of putting the person in an awkward position but you will get your answer right away. You just need to say “thank you for a great time, I really enjoyed our conversation and spending time with you and I look forward to doing it again sometime soon”, then, reference something you both talked about in your conversations (because you prepared!) and say “maybe we can go check out that movie about xyz that you were saying you wanted to see”. Check and mate.

By doing these 5 things, you can secure the second date. You just need to put your best foot forward and make them WANT to see you again. Make yourself desirable, interesting and fun and they will not be able to resist you! They will not know what hit them!! If they do not agree, well then you can try it again with someone else. You cannot win them all but if you really put in the effort you will win the right person and not just any person.

Happy Dating!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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