Top 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Scare a Woman Off

Not having much luck with women lately? Perhaps it’s them, or maybe it’s you. Take it from me, I’ve been on many many dates. I know what makes a good date and what makes a bad date. A good date is one that leaves you feeling positive and like it wasn’t a waste of time. A good date will make you feel like you want to see this person again. What’s a bad date? Well, bad dates make you want to run for the hills. They make you not want to see this person again. Let’s face it, bad dates make for GREAT stories … but do you really want to be that guy? You know the one, the disaster date everyone hears about the next day.

Top 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Scare a Woman Off

Women aren’t as complicated as you might think, no, really, they’re not. You just think they are because you’re not projecting the right image to keep them interested. You heard me … it’s probably YOUR fault. Why is it your fault? Well, I’m going to give it to you straight (only because I like you) … it’s your fault if you do any of these sure-fire ways to scare a woman off …

scare-women1. Look and Smell Like a Bum

So you’re going on a date. How do you prepare? Do you shower? Do you put on deodorant? Do you brush your teeth? Do you clean your nose and ears? How about brushing your hair? Do you put on a nice, neat, clean outfit? Yes, sounds basic doesn’t it? But basic is best. These should be fundamental actions to your daily routine, not just dating. Women like men who take care of themselves. No one wants a man who looks like a bum and, even worse, smells like one!! You would be surprised how many men that approach me and how many men who meet me for dates that don’t meet the MINIMUM hygiene requirements. To me, that’s an automatic turn off. C’mon guys you will definitely scare a woman off if you look like a bum. Why? Because in a woman’s mind if you can’t take care of basic things like personal hygiene then you can’t take care of more important things.

2. Coming On Too Strong or Creepy

This should be a no brainer. No woman wants to be devoured. Yes, we love when a man is attracted to us and when he tells us that he is. But, there’s a good way of telling a woman she’s beautiful and a bad way. I have had a guy who pulled out their penis in public to show me how turned on I made him. EW! What on earth made him think I would like that? I’ve had guys follow me around. I’ve also had guys who stare at me during the date. Just stare with their eyes bulging. Creepy!! I’ve also had guys not even listen to what I’m saying and all they want is, and I quote, for me to help them “get their rocks off”. Umm no thanks. I’ve recently met someone who all he does is send me message after message about how gorgeous I am and how much he likes me and how smart I am, and he’s already planning our future together. Umm no. Coming on too strong or creepy will definitely scare a woman off. Why? Because a woman likes a guy who’s attentive and attracted to her but who also knows how to play it cool and give it out in smaller doses, not all at once.

3. Checking Out Other Women

OK guys, what on earth would make you think that checking out other women while you’re on a date is a good thing? Seriously? Even if your date isn’t quite what you’d hoped you still need to respect the person you’re with. If you’re not interested in them then end the date. Do you really think the woman that you checked out would want to go out with you if you just disrespected the woman you were with? Not likely. Checking out other women will definitely scare a woman off and everyone around her. Why? Because women like to be the centre of your attention, we know that you will notice other woman but we don’t like it when you make it obvious.

4. Bad Conversation

Do you have a one track mind? Not only sexually, but do you have limited topics that you know about or like to talk about? This includes video games, geeky things, hipster things, extremist religious and political thought. How about talking about your bitch of an ex? What about talking ALL about yourself and what a great catch you are? How about not even engaging your date in your conversation and not letting her get a word in edgewise? FAIL! I’ve certainly had some BORING dates with guys who kept going on and on about uninteresting topics, even when I tried to be engaged, or even tried to change the subject it didn’t work. You need to try and be a good conversationalist about lots of random topics and current events to appear interesting. Being a bad conversationalist will no doubt scare a woman off. Why? Because women like a man who is interesting, who keeps her engaged and who is interested in what she has to say.

5. Being Rude

How could you be rude? Well, do you use your mobile phone while on your date? Do you fail to use the basic common courtesies like saying please and thank you to your date and everyone else, like serving staff, etc.? Do you mock your date’s ideas and make fun of them? Do you arrive late for your date? You would be surprised how many times I’ve sat there speechless on a date because he was so arrogant and rude to me and everyone around him. No thanks! People can tolerate only so much. We all slip up sometimes, but being inherently rude shows a lack of character, makes you undesirable to others and is a sure-fire way to scare a woman off. Why? Because people want to be treated with respect and nobody likes to be treated rudely. Plain. Simple.

So there! Scare any women lately? Yes? Well, now that you know what to do about it. Fix it! You have the tools to do it. It’s common sense but unfortunately not so common to everyone. Make a woman feel special by making an effort with her, by listening to her and by putting your best foot forward. It may not work every time, but trust me, it will work more often than not.

Ladies, would you add to or remove anything from the list?

Happy Dating!

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