Is There a Dating “Textiquette”? Read My Tips for eHarmony!

Dating in the digital age gives dating a whole new spectrum of do’s and don’ts. While I typically shy away from any hard fast rules, I do believe that some best practices and guidelines still apply. One of these is dating textiquette.

My latest contribution to eHarmony as their resident dating expert for Canada is some tips on dating textiquette. Yes, it’s a thing and yes we often get it wrong! Texting too often, too much or too soon could send you packing. How do you know? Well, I can help! Click on the picture below to show me some love and read my top 5 tips for dating textiquette! Trust me, you’ll be glad you did and it’s a fast read!

Is There a Dating “Textiquette”?

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READERS: Do you have a dating textiquette? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I learned the hard way – but I learned quickly – about moving from text to real life quickly and not sexting until after you meet someone in person (if at all). I wonder if it’s something we all have to learn the hard way, because I find women new to the online dating scene don’t believe me when I tell them. It’s only after they’ve been burned multiple times that the lightbulb goes off.


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