Online Dating Profile Pictures 101 (with Video)

online-dating-profile-picture-101In your online dating profile, you need to market yourself effectively … think of it, you’re the product and you need to promote that product in the most favorable light. The first thing potential dates see is your picture … because of your picture they will either click on your profile or not. One of the biggest complaints people have from online dating is that people don’t represent themselves accurately in their pictures online. Don’t ruin your chances at something great because of a bad choice in pictures. You need a great picture and we’re here to help!

Online Dating Profile Pictures 101

meet-someone-profile-pictures-century-flirting-ecards-someecardsHere are some tips to get you started:

  • Have good quality pictures. This means they’re not grainy or fuzzy or cut off, they are a clear representation of who you are.
  • Your picture is your logo and because most people are visual by nature it’s your picture that will draw them in (or scare them off).
  • Make sure your picture is clear, recent (not older than a year or two maximum) and eye catching.
  • I always advise my clients that they should have three pictures – one good head shot, one full body shot and one picture of them doing something they enjoy.
  • When a person meets you for a date, they should immediately be able to recognize you just from your picture.

I highly discourage my clients from putting pictures of themselves in groups (we will always assume you’re the ugly one, ALWAYS), unnecessarily silly pictures or mirror selfies (even if you’re dressed nice it gives off the wrong impression and makes people think you have no friends or you’re a narcissist), because we’re not all Kardashians avoiding bad selfies, in general, is typically a good idea.

Things to consider when taking a selfie picture of yourself (or if someone is taking a picture of you):

1. Lighting is Important

  • When taking images indoors try using indirect natural light.
  • You can use a door frame or put a white sheet over a window to diffuse the light.
  • When outdoors make sure the sun is behind you to avoid squinting. Or you use certain times of day like dawn or dusk for soft lighting.

2. Body Positioning

  • Taking images from above is not necessarily slimming.
  • Remember chin forward and down, this will help connect your eyes with the image.
  • Good posture is a must.
  • You can place your hand to draw attention to the smallest part of your waist, by placing one foot forward and pushing your bum back. This will create a more slimming line.
  • Do not forget to smile!

3. Be Aware of Background

  • Make sure you know what’s in the picture behind you … you don’t want any embarrassing surprises or unwanted photobombs.

If you use pictures effectively you will market yourself in the best way
and attract more people to your online dating profile!!

You can watch all these tips with picture examples on our segment on CTV Morning Live by clicking here or on the picture below. Find out about our Online Dating Profile Master Class in Ottawa by clicking on Ottawa Events. Learn more about Nicole’s professional photography work by visiting Nicole Murphy Photography.



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  1. I’d add (though the list is great).

    No pictures with exes. When I see a guy with an ex I assume he is still with her or wants to be. I prefer people to be in photos by themselves, though being in a photo with an animal is a notable exception.

    Also, RECENT photos. I’ve met a few guys who were 50+ pounds heavier and 20 years older than their photos. I assume you either have something to hide (like being married)or are a liar (con artist for example). I’ve walked out of meetings of guys who lied in photos.


  2. No picture with wedding rings on! Unbelievable how many profile pictures I’ve come across where the guys are wearing a wedding ring. One guy had 5 pictures and he’s wearing a wedding ring in all of them. I love the excuses they come up with….it’s a school ring, I was engaged at the time – Whatever. With technology today it shouldn’t be too difficult to crop it out if it’s the only picture you have of yourself.


    • Yeah you would think if a guy is married and hiding it they’d want to not wear the ring. Then again I think many men don’t care if they hide it.


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