Do You Need a Break From Dating?


Has dating left you exhausted? Message after message, date after date, disappointment after disappointment? Dating CAN be exhausting and can feel endless, leaving you wondering when you’re ever going to meet your happily ever after. This is why it’s important to take the time to step back and evaluate where you’re at and just re-connect with yourself (and your loved ones). Even more importantly, taking a break from dating also helps keep you mentally healthy. However, there’s a right and a wrong way to do it, so below are my best practices of taking a break from dating.

Do You Need a Break From Dating?

Every once in a while, it’s important to take a break from dating in order to just take care of you and focus on other things. This doesn’t mean you’ve given up on dating, it just means that you value your mental health over everything else. There is also so much value in taking some time for you. So how do you do it right? Here is some food for thought …

  • Time: There’s no right or wrong time frame your dating break should be, but typically a couple of weeks to a month is plenty of time. Some people need more, some need less. Listen to your gut to know when you’re ready to go back.
  • Mental Health: The dating break serves to help move you away from some situations that might be bringing you some distress, because, let’s face it, being single and dating messes with your mental health!  You know you need a mental break when you’re constantly anxious about dating, you’re depressed about your single status and you’re just not enjoying meeting people anymore.
  • Bad Matches: If you’re always attracting the WRONG people time after time, a dating break could serve to re-evaluate your priorities, re-establish your dealmakers and dealbreakers, as well as figure out what good or bad choices you’ve been making in order to re-focus your search lens to find the right matches.
  • Re-Connect With Yourself: A dating break also serves another great purpose, to re-connect with yourself and re-focus on your personal growth! Use this time to take care of you, to do the things you love, perhaps travel, perhaps spend a day at the spa, or even binge watch your favorite show. Taking time for YOU will help you date better in the long run.
  • Re-Connect With Loved Ones: When we’re dating, we often spend a lot of time on the dating process and neglect our relationships with others. A dating break is a great opportunity to re-connect with family and friends and HAVE FUN!
  • Emotional Attachments: Often in dating, we get caught up in unhealthy emotional attachments with the wrong person or people which gets in the way of us meeting the right person. We are hooked to this person and there is no “open space” to let someone new in. This is why it’s very important to let go of these attachments and a dating break is a great opportunity to do that. You might need professional help from a coach or therapist with this and there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Nonsense Dating: If you find your dating life is full of lots of BS and nonsense, it’s important to take a break to re-focus on dating purposefully, this is the only way to end up in the RIGHT dating scenarios with the RIGHT people and on the RIGHT track with NO NONSENSE love!

Need a break from dating? Then TAKE it! Just use the time wisely. Don’t be afraid that you’re going to miss out on someone when you’re “off”. The right person for you will still be there when you get back. Your clock ISN’T ticking! You will just be in a better mental state and energy to date the right way with the right people. Take a dating break! You deserve it!!

READERS: Have you ever taken a break from dating before? Share your thoughts & perspective in the comments below!

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  1. I am taking a break from dating now. I was in an eight month relationship and even though it was a lot of fun it was also mentally exhausting. I realized I needed that break when just looking at dating sites, after we broke up, seemed like a lot of work, lol

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  2. I’m taking a break as well. After a disaster filled several months online (with no luck) I decided to concentrate instead on other priorities.

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