I will not romanticize bad behavior from others [Monday Mantra]

Do you justify people’s bad behavior with excuses? Do you prefer to see good in the bad? Are you a romantic at heart that believes that love conquers all? Do you like to be the “hero” in a relationship? Answered yes to any of these questions? Then perhaps you’re guilty of romanticizing bad behavior from others. Frankly, we’re all guilty of this sometimes. We really want something to work so badly that we turn a blind eye to unsavory actions or words. This, my friends, is a slippery slope, on which you’ll most certainly meet your demise!

Life and relationships are challenging enough without the added stress of bad behavior from others. Those closest to you should be the ones providing relief or a repose from the stresses of the world, not adding to it. While a “bad boy” or “bad girl” may seem HOT and you may be really attracted to them, but are they really someone you should pursue long term? The same holds for toxic relationships where there is more good than bad but you hold on because you were meant for each other.

Case in point, Romeo and Juliet was a tragic story, not a romantic one. The truth is relationships may have their challenges but they shouldn’t be challenging. Love shouldn’t hurt or betray or use and abuse, love should feel good and secure and calm. Know your worth and hold out for relationships and friendships that bring you peace. You deserve it.

This week’s mantra:
“I will not romanticize bad behavior from others.”

Write it down. Repeat it. BELIEVE IT!