My Online Dating Experiment

After my Whirlwind Romance escapade, I decided to take an online dating sabbatical.  I cancelled my online dating account and left it to cupid to do his work.  Well, that was over a month ago and it seemed that he was on his summer vacation.  So after much contemplation, I went back online.  Being Single Dating Diva, I didn’t want to just post my old profile, I wanted to freshen it up and renew it.  So I took all my own advice about the do’s and don’t of writing your profile.  I also took my advice about what pictures to choose.  Before making it live, I thought, wait a minute, why don’t I test my “do’s and don’ts” for profiles and make a “don’t” profile and see what happens.  In my usual profile I usually get at least a dozen messages within the first 10 minutes of it going live.  So I published my “don’ts” profile with a profile picture that looked very (as one person put it) “matronly”.  I rambled in it, made it long … left nothing to the imagination.  I even gave a big list of what I didn’t want in a mate and made sure it was picky.  I was completely honest in my profile, just no tact.

So what happened? Nothing.  Literally, nothing.  I waited hours and … nothing.  Not even one hit.  No one even wanted to go into my profile.  I thought it was funny, but I started feeling a little rejected!  My ego was taking a beating … being the loud and proud Leo that I am, I wasn’t going to have anymore of this.  Although I was going to give this profile experiment twenty-four hours, I decided after a few hours of torture that I was going to change it to a “do” profile.  I went in and wrote it using my advice and changed the picture to “happy smiling sexy fun loving girl”.  I made it live and waited.  Within ten minutes I already had several messages.  Within an hour I received many more messages.  I even got an email from the dating site after a few hours congratulating me on getting “over 138 views” on my profile in less than twenty-four hours.  So there you go ladies and gentlemen.  Experiment was a success.

I did make a note of the people who were online the whole time and it was mostly the same men.  It was also these men who sent me a message the second profile around.  I already have two dates planned and another couple in the works.  See! My advice works!  You need to always put your best foot forward my friends.  There’s plenty of time for them to see your “bed head” and awkwardness!  I was so inspired that I even went into the dating site looking to see pictures of guys that were disastrous and I sent them messages gently letting them know.  Some didn’t respond but took my advice, others ignored me completely.  But, I tried.  I’m here to help!

Wishing all of you much luck in your online dating adventures …

Happy Dating!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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Originally Published on Singles Warehouse