Being Single and Dating Long Distance

Should you meet people who live far away?

When you’re online dating, you meet a lot of new people, a lot of them not from your own region.  We’ve all done it … explored who’s in another city when we’re bored or frustrated with what we have in our own town.  What do you do when you meet someone you really like who is far away?  Do you go for it or not bother?  How do you decide?  It’s a difficult decision.  There are so many factors to consider – first and foremost determining if they are worth the trouble.

I think ideally, you need to find someone who lives within your city limits.  Ideally.  It just makes things easier.  You don’t need to travel to spend time together, you can have last minute plans, if you need them they are there, well, you get the picture.  But then again, you don’t always have that even when the person you’re dating is in town.  So how do you determine what’s right for you?  I think it depends on the person.

A long distance relationship is challenging, but it can work if both people want it to.  Just like any relationship, you have to put in an effort.  But it’s not for everyone.  If you are a needy, high maintenance partner who needs a constant partner, then long distance isn’t for you.  For me, I am a very low maintenance partner who is quite independent and I have a busy life, so I actually think long distance is beneficial for me.  But I also need a partner who is the same for it to work.  As well, we both have to want to make it work.  Plain and simple.  A relationship is hard work, no matter where you are and long distance relationships are that much harder.  Are you willing to put in the effort?

You also need to determine if this person is really worth all the trouble, mind you, you should do that for any prospect you meet.  Ask yourself if they meet all your standards.  Are they the type of person you could see yourself with?  Can you check off all or most of the boxes on your “ideal partner” list?  Do they have long term potential? Can you not find this type of person in town?  Ask yourself all these questions and you will know if it’s worth it for you.

You really just need to trust your gut instinct on this one.  If it’s something you truly believe is right for you then DO IT! It’s hard enough to find the right person, so when you do, it doesn’t matter where they are … if you both want to make it work, it will work.  So when that person from another town messages you … answer.  You never know, they may be mr or ms right!

Happy Dating!

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Single Dating Diva

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