Mr. Big Stuff Who Do You Think You Are?

Ever met a “Mr. Big Stuff” who thought or acted like just being in his presence was a supreme privilege for you?  I definitely have.  They go around strutting their stuff and breaking hearts … I know a couple of these and have had the privilege of “dating” them.  If you want to call it that.  But who wants to date someone who thinks they are better than you? Not me!

Most of us dream of the sugar daddy to come along and spoil us … c’mon don’t say you don’t.  It doesn’t mean you have to give up your independence, but it does mean that you don’t have to worry about financials.  But more importantly, it means that you will feel more special … perhaps more important.   Who doesn’t like being invited to VIP parties and be one of the VIPs … designer clothes … expensive restaurants … expensive cars … yes, it’s a nice life, or is it?

In my experience, these guys with money are usually very cheap.  I have found that guys without money are more generous than those who are rich.  Maybe if I was a vagician I would have better luck, but I’m not one of those ;).  I think these Mr. Big Stuffs are all talk, no action.  They walk around acting like they are important and better than you, when in reality they are empty inside.  The ones I have dated are that way … insecure and overcompensating.  Did you ever notice a lot of hot and successful guys date ugly women?  You know why? It’s because the women won’t outshine them.  How vain!  One Mr. Big Stuff I met, I thought was gay because his fiance looked like a man.  Um, I found out after, no she wasn’t.  Oops! Unfortunately, I am not a vagician, nor am I ugly or 20 years old and I am very woman … so I’m not an ideal candidate.  Good news for the unattractive!

Perhaps we just need to find the best person for us.  I still have my standards, the alpha male and particularly my financial standards – he has to be established and making the same or more money than me.  I won’t step back from my standards, but I think I won’t focus on the sugar daddy anymore.  Mr. Big Stuff … keep walking … well, unless you want to buy me those Louboutin shoes I have always wanted … then, we’ll talk.

Just love this song …

Mr. Big Stuff, tell me
Just who do you think you are
Mr. Big Stuff
You’re never gonna get my love
Mr. Big Stuff

Mr. Big Stuff
You’re never gonna break my heart
Mr. Big Stuff
You’re never gonna make me cry

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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