The Magic of the Vagician

Picture it … someone attractive looks at you and you melt like butter on a hot day.  All of a sudden you feel like for some reason you just want to remove all your clothes and let them ravish you.  Wait a minute … what? Is that even possible? Realistic?  YES!!

We’ve all been there.  Certain people make us weak in the knees … I can guarantee every single one of you has someone that came to mind just now.  I know I have someone like that … those of you that follow my blog can guess who I’m talking about.  Sigh.

The Magic of the Vagician

magician-vagicianWhat’s a vagician anyway?  Well, a vagician is a man or a woman who has the uncanny ability to get you to sleep with them or can use sex with them to get what they want.  It’s like magic.  They know what to say or do to seduce you.  They are master manipulators.  Some are more talented than others, but they exist and I guarantee most of you have met at least one in your life.  It almost always leaves you feeling violated and lost because your not like that … you would never do THAT … but you did for them … you would do ANYTHING for them.

Like magic, by saying and doing just the right thing you are sucked into their insane world.  So what do you do about it?  Good question.  When I find out, I’ll tell you.  It’s like we want to melt like butter … they make us feel so special while they are using us for their own pleasure and needs.  But they make us think that it’s what we wanted and needed.

Are you a vagician? I’m certainly not.  I tried to be but I’m too nice.  That darn conscience always gets in the way!  I see these girls who are much less attractive than me get men drooling over them and buying them anything they want regardless of the cost.  Why?  Because they are vagicians!  How about you gentlemen? Ever see the ugliest guy at the bar get all the women all over him? Why? Because he’s a vagician … they have the magic fairy dust that attracts others like magnets!

Keep your eyes open ladies and gents … these vagicians are everywhere and in the most unassuming places – work, friends, bars, neighbourhood, train, gym, online dating or even the grocery store.  My single and dating friends next time one of these scoundrels tries to suck you in with their charm RUN! Turn the other way and RUN as fast and far as you can because they are nothing but trouble.  You will be left alone and longing for them day and night.

Happy Dating!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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