No, I Don’t Want Your Man – A Single Woman’s Dilemma

I Don’t Want Your ManEver felt that other woman see you as a threat just because you don’t have a man? That they think you’re waiting in the wings just to pounce and steal the love of their life? Recently, several of my friends have been noticing that just because they are single, they have been treated differently by their friends and acquaintances. Different how? Well, they get invited less to gatherings, they are always being “observed” when talking to men, they seem like the odd one in the room and they are made to feel like they are always intruding. So what do you do if this happens to you? Here are some tips:

Re-assess the friendship … is this friend a really important part of your life? If not, then move on. If they are important, then you need to speak with them and share how you feel and make them feel secure that you aren’t out to get their man.

Try and fill your schedule with single activities
 … hanging out with couples all the time, even if ALL of your friends are attached, will only lead to problems and won’t allow you to meet new people. Spread your wings, try something new.

Make most friendship time “girls’ nights” … there’s nothing more fun than a girls’ night. Go out and have fun, do something that you all enjoy and you will have more fun than being with couples anyway and your friends will be happy to get a break.

Don’t flirt back … if an attached man gives you the eyes and flirts don’t reciprocate! Maybe smile back and say thank you for any compliments, but turn it back to your friend … say something like “thank you, and your wife has been looking great lately too hasn’t she?”

Don’t be the last one left at the gathering … even if you are having fun, staying until the end is overstaying your welcome. You’re the single fun person, so make different plans and just “stop by” at the couples’ party. I mean c’mon you’ve got places to go and a wealth of single men to pick up! Why would you want to hang with a bunch of couples who just remind you you’re single?

These are just some things that I found worked for me, but you need to assess your own situation and friendships on their merit and move forward with the best intentions. No one wants a man stealer as a friend, but chances are that’s not what you are. Being cognisant of how others may be feeling might help you deal better with your situation. I for one don’t mind being checked out by men, I don’t mind when my guy checks out other women. It’s all about being secure, so women, if your man chats up a single woman or checks her out, it’s ok … he’s still coming home to you. She’s just a moment’s glance and you need to ensure you are the loving gaze … how? Well always look good (I’ve said this countless times – care about your appearance!) and make him feel like he’s the luckiest man in the world to be with you. Being jealous, sour faced and insecure will only make him not want to look at you. It’s really as simple as that my friends.

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