I’m On Dating Strike and Here Are My Conditions!

How could that be you ask? Well after my experience with “Mr. Z” I decided I needed a dating break … that break became a dating strike. How could “Single Dating Diva” stop dating? Well, I did. I was tired … all my experiences certainly left a lot to be desired. I’m tired. I’ve lost faith in men. I have come to the point where I don’t trust anything that comes out of a man’s mouth … they could be telling the truth and I still don’t believe them. So I figured perhaps I needed to regroup before moving forward.

Have you ever been on a dating strike? I spoke to some people about it and they seemed to think it was necessary to step back sometimes in order to see the big picture. Sometimes we get so caught up in dating, especially serial daters like me, that we fail to see the red flags and warning signals that are blaringly apparent. I agree. Since my dating strike started almost 4 months ago, I have been re-assessing my priorities. I have also sharpened my dating tools. I am done with serial dating. I’m looking for someone I can be with, for real. The serial dating played its role. It allowed me to truly know what I want and don’t want in a mate. It helped me be true to myself and really learn what that meant. So I don’t regret my testing phase … but now that the testing is over the product is ready to be released for public consumption.

So what are my demands? What will it take for me to go back to dating? I want a guy who …


    1. keeps his word … no broken promises.
    2. treats me with respect.
    3. is open and honest.
    4. makes me a priority in his life.
    5. calls me when he says he’s going to call and lets me know if he is busy.
    6. makes me feel like the most attractive girl in the world.
    7. is proud to be with me.
    8. is established in his life.
    9. is attractive and takes care of himself.
    10. is a REAL MAN in every sense of the word!

Too much to ask? Nope, I don’t think so. I have had enough with men treating me badly. I don’t deserve that. I deserve to be happy and loved and respected. Every woman and man deserve that. We let too much slide in our lives. We let people walk all over us and take advantage of our kindness and trust. That’s why I’m on strike. The utter disregard for me and my feelings led me to believe that people just don’t care, they selfishly do what they want and forget that the person they are doing it to has feelings.

Well, I’m still on strike. I will remain on strike until my ten conditions are met. So are you out there? I am like Sleeping Beauty, waiting for her Prince to come and save her … waiting for MY happily ever after. I’m not settling for less. Are you?

Stirring the Dating Sauce,

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. The first 7 conditions are exactly what I have on my list! We’re definitely NOT asking too much!
    Two books I recommend 1) Act Like A Lady Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey and 2) Men Love Bitches. Really really insightful and touches on exactly what you state here about being ‘too nice’ and walked over. I highly recommend! X


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