Falling in Love on Skype

These days, finding love online is more and more common.  With online dating, all you have to do is enter some information on a computer screen and you get endless choices of potential mates from all over the world.  How easy is that? Well, easy to meet singles, that’s for sure.  Online dating is certainly a lot of quantity, but how about quality?  Well, quality is comparable to other forms of meeting people, depends on the people you meet and how genuine and sincere they are.  But you already knew that, right?

Falling in Love on Skype

skype-loveSo let’s say you do meet someone online and they are everything you ever wanted. Great! Right? Well, what if they live in the land of far far away? Now you’ve got a problem. Is it worth giving it a go? Should you try anyway? Does love conquer all? Well, I say it’s so hard to meet the right person that if you do meet them and they are somewhere else in the world, then you still need to try. Call me crazy, but it’s worth the adventure and hardship if you get the right match in the end.

So you meet someone, you want to give it a go. What’s the best way to communicate, well Skype is of course! Skype gives you the opportunity to see and speak with each other. It beats emails, telephone and texting by a long shot. But, you still need to follow regular dating protocol as well as make some concessions. Here are some that I’ve personally found helpful:

Successful Skype Dating Tips

  • Treat it like a real date – look nice, have conversation topics ready
  • Make a time to meet, keep your appointments and make sure there are no distractions – this shows you respect the other person and their time (very important!)
  • Be yourself, don’t think about it as being on camera, just be natural
  • Let the relationship progress naturally and treat it like it’s real
  • Try not to do the naked stuff until later on and you are both in agreement (actually you shouldn’t do it until you meet in person and do it for real, then use Skype for ongoing “maintenance”)

So if you’re single, dating and falling in love on Skype is both possible and a good option if your mate is in the land of far far away. So don’t shy away from trying, and, if you really do truly fall in love, then you can book a plane ticket and spend some real time together and gauge your face to face chemistry. Talk about exciting! I’m all for it!! I want my ideal partner, if he lives somewhere else, I would be willing to move there or have him move here. I’m open to it. For me it’s about meeting the right person, wherever they are.

Have you ever fallen in love over Skype? Would love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

Happy Dating!

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