The Perils of FaceBook Poking

Has this happened to you?  You’re checking your FaceBook profile and all of a sudden you feel a poke … not from someone you know but some random guy or gal from the land of far far away.  You think, WTF? Someone is trying to get your attention.  What is the point of the poke?  Well, straight from the mouth of the creator (no, not God, Mark Zukerberg) “when we created the poke, we thought it would be cool to have a feature without any specific purpose. People interpret the poke in many different ways, and we encourage you to come up with your own meanings.”   How do you interpret the poke?  Well, some people just see it as a “hello”, some see it as more … some even give it sexual innuendos.  What is the point, you ask, and how does it relate to being single and dating?

Often times, pokes are intended as flirtation. Then there are the other times when it’s just weird, creepy, and annoying.  But, annoying as it seems and it is, poking has led to many encounters between people.  It’s one thing when a friend does it, but when it’s a complete stranger who pokes you it’s another story altogether.   So do you poke back or do you just ignore it?  What is poking protocol? Do you poke back to be polite or just ignore it?

I know personally I don’t poke back.  I find it rude and obnoxious.  I take it like a real life poke, I don’t want anyone poking me, well, ahem, you know what I mean.  Imagine people going around poking other people! There would certainly be a whole lot of recipricol slapping!!  What is my conclusion?  Well, if you really want to get someone’s attention on FaceBook, send them a message, and if you can’t, then try to add them as a friend.  If they are interested then they will reciprocate, if not, then you tried.  But please no poking!!!  No one likes FaceBook creepers … not sexy and not attractive!

Have you met someone via “poke”, FaceBook that is! Share what you think and leave a comment (anonymously if you like)!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. I HATE facebook poking! It drives me a bit crazy! Too often people substitute for actual communication. You want to talk to me? You want my attention? Then pick up the phone please, or at the very least, write me an email.

    Funny post!


  2. Hell ya! I hate the f*cking FB poke. I think it deludes certain women into thinking their exes want them back! Great post and keep them coming darling! 🙂


  3. Too funny. I’ve been poked by guys where I knew it had sexual intend and always saw it as a means to express such interest. It wasn’t until females and family members started poking me that I realized it had other meanings. Either way all poking goes ignored and I’ve never poked anyone. Same way I don’t respond to “winking” on dating sites. If you like what you see write me. If you don’t have the balls to do that then you clearly aren’t man enough for me.


  4. Poking is a legitimate facebook way of connecting people. It may be irritating but it works like this. Suppose someone piques my interest and I want to get their attention. if I send an email, it may go into the dreaded “Others” category with others and if the person in question gets many emails, then they will not get to mine. It is also possible to disable the messages so cannot even send a message.

    Ok, so now I have poked you. The FB algorithm sees that a connection has been made and displays you in the “People you may know list”. You are no longer a spammer but a person of interest..


  5. Great post, i have just been writing a post on poking, winking, liking and all the other things we do to one another via social networking! I think it depends how you interpret it, I see it as a flirting tool which is why when other girls ‘poke’ my man i’m not a happy lady :p


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