Sex, Drugs and a Lesson Learned … a Dating Story

You know those guys that make you feel like God’s gift to the world? That raise your ego to new and infinite heights and then BAM! They’re gone! Ya, them.  Well, here’s a story I want to tell you about a girl I know.  She fell hard for someone who made her feel like the hottest thing since the sun … then was forced to fall off her high (ahem) horse.  So what happened? Well, here’s her story, I wanted to share it because I thought it was a good lesson for everyone … aptly named “Sex, Drugs and a Lesson Learned”.

So this story all started when this guy poked her on FaceBook.  We all know how much girls love that.  So she ignored him, but she looked at his profile and he looked really familiar, they also had a lot of friends in common.  After seeing that she didn’t respond to his poking he sent her an inbox message asking if he could add her.  She asked around and figured out who he was so she accepted his friend request and started chatting with him.  They quickly hit it off and realized they knew each other from a long time ago.  She was still cautious with him.  He was too eager and kept telling her how much he just ADORED her which made her suspicious.  The compliments kept coming and he was sweet as honey.  He kept asking for her number.  She kept refusing.  Besides, he couldn’t spell if his life depended on it.  A real turnoff for her.

Finally after a few weeks she agreed to give him her number if it was for texting only.  He would text her all day and night.  Finally, the inevitable happened, he called her.  She really enjoyed their conversations and he made her laugh like she hadn’t laughed in a very, very long time.  She thought, maybe, just maybe this guy was the real deal.  He had spent almost two months trying to get her, and she was putting off meeting him because he just wasn’t exactly what she wanted.  So, she thought, OK, why not.  They made a date.  The problem was that he worked long hours and finished late.  She decided a Saturday night was best to meet.  He would pick her up and  they would go for a drive and then decide what to do. She was quite excited about the date as was he.  He kept saying he didn’t care what she said he was going to give her a big kiss when he saw her.  She knew she needed to play her cards right with him.

He picked her up about midnight that Saturday.  They went for their drive, he was a complete gentleman and they went for a nice long walk near the water.  Before they knew it, it was quite late, there was nowhere they could go and they didn’t want to stop hanging out, so, she did something she normally wouldn’t do, she invited him over.  What’s the worst that could happen, right? She had self control.  They would watch a movie or something.  So once they arrived, out came the expensive bottle of alcohol and some “green stuff” for smoking.  OK, she thought, why the hell not, it’s been a while since she’s had some fun.  So, she smoked and drank … and smoked and drank … and, yup, smoked and drank some more.  He was right there alongside her doing the same thing.  So what happened next? Well, yes, you guessed it … they had sex. Pretty wild and crazy sex.  Unprotected sex.  Lots of it.  By the time daylight appeared she didn’t remember most of the night and couldn’t walk straight.  He had gone home.  Fun you say? Well, tell her hangover that!

sex drugs and a lesson learnedNext day she was majorly hungover and felt huge anxiety, partly because of what she realized she did, partly because of the affect of the alcohol and drugs.  Then he messaged, he was acting normal, that made her feel better.  She thought perhaps all was not lost because of her lapse in judgement. He wasn’t as eager or as “in her face” as he had been before they met, but, he was still there.  A couple of days later the call came … he said that it burned when he peed.  Her heart dropped.  What had she done? Was he accusing HER of something?  She was always so safe.  So she called her doctor and ran tests.  Her doctor gave her the “drugs and alcohol lead to risky sexual behavior” lecture and she promised the “burning pee” call scared her straight! Her and him didn’t speak for a couple of weeks after that call.  Thank goodness her tests came back normal, his were supposedly inconclusive and the doctor still gave him medication.  Needless to say she wasn’t impressed and didn’t want to continue this liaison.

They started talking again and he said he wanted to be good friends … with benefits.  She refused.  She didn’t want to have any type of anything with him.  He suckered her into seeing him again. He just came over to watch a movie … and smoke. She realized he was an addict, he smoked the “green stuff” a lot.  She decided that was the biggest deal breaker of all. She felt good about her decision to leave that part of her life behind and focus on finding someone with a better head on his shoulders.  This guy brought out someone she really wasn’t and he was the type of guy she really didn’t want to be with.

Sex, Drugs and what was the lesson learned? Don’t engage in risky sexual behavior, don’t mix drugs and alcohol AND don’t fall for every guy who makes you feel like a star!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Some guys really know what to say and when to say it! If your gut says no…listen! It’s usually right!

    Great post 🙂


  2. Sounds like the girl got played very well by a smooth player, a very very smooth player nonetheless!

    However considering that his test results were inconclusive she should redo her tests in about 3-4 months, as it takes about 12-15 weeks for HIV infections to show up on one’s test results from the time of the intercourse…

    Like you say this is definitely a good lesson not to “engage in risky sexual behavior”. 😦


  3. Smoking “green stuff” is not a deal breaker for me.
    My X-BF, smoked and I knew that before going out with him. He never, ever pressured me to smoke and did not smoke much around me.
    For some,I think they smoke due to stress or maybe having some anxiety or concentration problems a bit too.
    Now is it better to not smoke and be taking tylenol w cod a couple times a day? or smoking herbs?
    Wow,I’m not even sure of the answer myself,to tell you.


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