Why Being A Bitch Is Good – Sometimes

Yes, you heard right.  Being a bitch is good … but only sometimes.  Why? Because it feels good and, frankly, some people deserve your bitchiness outright! Now, I’m not condoning disrespect or hurtfulness (although I have been known to be guilty of that one time or another) but I am talking about the bitch who stands up for herself and doesn’t let anyone step all over her.  You might want to call it strong or assertive or whatever … but I like to call it being a bitch.  Let’s just be honest here.

Why all this bitch talk? Well, I pulled big time bitch this week to several people.  Some of you may know that I’ve had quite a challenging couple of weeks between my personal life, work life and health.  All this culminated in some pretty bad stress and me coming pretty close to my breaking point.  Usually I bounce back quite fast (like a rubber ball) … this time it wasn’t so easy.  Probably because a lot of these challenges affected me quite personally … and probably it was the combination of all of them together at the same time.  What ended up happening? Well, I got pretty ill and bitch Suzie came out to play.  Normally, I only let her out in bits and pieces … you know, a comment here and there or a dirty look.  But I hardly ever stay mad for long … unless it’s personal.  That’s what happened here.  I felt betrayed by a lot of people who I trusted and I don’t trust so easy.

What is the alternative to being a bitch?  Well, it’s being passive … and you know how much I love passive! I will completely admit I have a tendency to ALWAYS give my opinion, I’m certainly NOT a “yes” woman, I could be bossy (I prefer to call it good leadership skills), I have lots of pride (hey don’t knock me down it took me a long time to get to pride) … I won’t continue but frankly we all have a long list, but one good thing about me is that if I don’t like you I don’t pretend to be your best friend and you ALWAYS know where you stand with me because I’m a terrible liar! But that also gets me into trouble because I’m not so good at being diplomatic.

No one likes a bitch, do they? And let’s be honest here, who likes being a bitch? Not many. So what to do? Well, find a happy medium.  Being a bitch is good … sometimes.  It’s OK to be angry and hurt.  It’s OK to air your discontent.  But, when this affects your health and happiness, that’s where the line has to be drawn.  That’s where I’m drawing the line.

Operation Zen Suzie

So today I begin what I like to call “Operation Zen Suzie”.  What this means is that I’m taking charge of my life again which was completely out of control for the past couple of weeks while I sorted out all my troubles.  I need to put the bitch away for now and focus on being positive.  I am always the one who says you get back what you put out there … so I’m putting out some positivity.  I am also going to do stuff I love to do.  My health and happiness is my only priority right now … screw everything else.  I can’t risk getting this sick again.  One of my good friends who I love and trust very much (and one of the most successful people I know) told me to “stop stressing, just do your best in life and let go”.  I am going to take his advice.  So, move over Bitch Suzie … Zen Suzie is taking over … but you can still come over for a cameo appearance once in a while!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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