Sexting: Baby I Want To …

Sexting: Baby I Want To Do Sexy Things to You

sexting-naked-picturesMaking you blush? How many of you have received or (gasp) sent one of these “sexting” messages? Oh c’mon, admit it. Deep in the recesses of your phone memory there is a message you would much rather keep deleted and forgotten. Heat of the moment? Drunk? Ya sure. We’ve all been there. Well of course not me … picture the halo above my head and my angel wings while I play the harp … ok, maybe not, perhaps more likely a sexy vamp … ya sexy vamp, I like that. What was I saying? Oh yes! Sexting. You know, sending “dirty” pictures of your, well, you know … or dirty messages about what you’d like to do with your, well, you get the picture. Well, ahem. We’re all guilty of it. Who among you can honestly cast the first stone? That’s what I thought. It’s ok … just as long as you’re not a celebrity or a high profile personality! Not! These things can get anyone into trouble if you’re not careful.

Why do people send stuff like “Baby I want to …”

So why do people do it? Well it’s kind of fun and sexy. It’s flirty, gets you in “the mood” and anxious about what’s to come. But how appropriate is it and who is it appropriate to do it with? Well, in general, I reserve those privileges for committed relationships. But I know many that do it randomly. I know one guy who showed me his mobile phone and he seriously had a database of pictures of various women’s vaginas. No, really. He kept scrolling and scrolling … there were A LOT of pictures in there. Then there was the breast file. LOL! There was no way I was going to become of those! That really opened my eyes to the whole sexting thing. Once a priest told me (um this could become sacrilegious, nah) … he told me about gossiping that once something leaves your mouth you have no control over the words (I think I was confessing my sins or something cue halo) … it also brings to mind something similar Kahlil Gibran said “Tell your secret to the wind, but don’t blame it for telling the trees”. It’s true (although the priest nor Gibran meant it this way I’m sure, or did they, hmm). Once you sext you have NO control of where that message/picture ends up.

You need to seriously be careful. Do you trust that person? Really really trust them? How do you know they won’t show their friends your hooha (even out of pride of its awesomeness)? You’re no celebrity or public figure perhaps, but something like that could ruin you. I’m just saying. Only because I care. Unless you’ve got ambitions of being a porn queen/king … then perhaps it’s a good way to jump start your career! By the way, if you would like to be added to my friend’s picture database, please let me know and I will send you his number. Really?

Happy Dating!

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  1. Sexting is overrated. At least with phone sex, you can hear the person you’re having “relations” with. I’ve never initiated either, but can say that once a guy tried to have phone sex with me. It was the most awkward thing I’ve ever experienced. He kept hinting at it, and clearly I had no interest, so I just laughed off his advances and the phone conversation quickly came to an end.


  2. I’m with @Neely. Unless you are a highly visual person, who is really jones-ing for a certain person… I don’t see sexting as an incredible tool. I could see, I suppose, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, enjoying whatever you can get in the moment. But even that is only in the dawn of a new relationship, in my opinion. That feverish need to be intimate with that certain someone. Great article. Sharing this comment over at SW! xo


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