Being Single at a Wedding

We’ve all been there, single and invited to a wedding.  I had more than a couple of those this summer.  It made me think … how crappy is it to be single at a wedding? Well, not so bad, when there’s an open bar! No, just kidding.  But , seriously, it is what you make it.  For me, some were worse than others.  For example, family weddings are fine because you have cousins there, people to hang out, dance and mingle with … and let me tell you, I have a BIG family, lots of cousins!!  So, not so bad.  Friends’ wedding could go either way, but when your friends are all “coupled” and you don’t really know anyone else, it’s not so fun (hello open bar!).

They say you can meet someone at a wedding, but I have never experienced that.  Everyone interesting is always taken!  So what to do? Well, I look for the other seemingly single people and hang out with them.  Usually the hosts make it easy and put the singles at one table, but if not,  it isn’t hard to spot them ( just as long as you don’t end up at the kids’ table! LOL!).  So how do you deal with being single at a wedding? With class! Live it up and enjoy! Here are some things that work for me …

  • I never take a date to a wedding just so I’m not alone because you never know, I might meet someone there!
  • I always look like a million bucks! I make a point to be the sexy single girl who turns heads (of course I never try to outshine the bride! not that I could) because it’s good for the confidence and it turns out all the miserable attached women actually WANT to be you!
  • Be happy and look happy because you don’t want to be the one everyone feels sorry for … NO PITY PARTY!!!
  • Dance and mingle because you never know who you’re going to meet!  The dance floor is a great place for people to notice you … perhaps a hot single guy?

Me, personally, I hate weddings just because I do … not out of bitterness or feeling sorry for myself but because I just don’t really like the cheesy outpouring of love and “blah blah blah”.  I had a big crazy Lebanese traditional wedding because I had to, but would never have another one even if I got married again. You know, I never liked weddings, but of course they can’t be avoided sometimes, so I go with my best foot forward, with a positive attitude and always make a positive statement.

When Single Dating Diva walks into a room people notice … so I make it count because you never know who might be watching!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. I went to three weddings solo this summer. In fact, I’ve NEVER had a date to a wedding. They always seem to fall in between my relationships.

    I agree with what you’ve said – look your best and go out to have a fun time. At each of these summer weddings, I met at least one guy who was clearly interested in me. None of them lived in the same city, or even the same region of the country, but it was nice to feel desired.


    • Thanks for the comment! You need to just go out and have fun regardless of your relationship status!! What’s better than taking advantage of the air of romance and hooking up?


  2. I went to one last year alone but didn’t have a good time. Ugh. I’m not a wedding person in general and I was seated with only couples — but they were old friends and it was nice to see them. I got a post out of it, anyway. That said, I probably wouldn’t worry about having a “date” for a wedding. I only go to weddings I absolutely have to go to, and I’m not going to manufacture a date for the occasion. And it’s true, though it wasn’t for me last wedding I attended, you never know who you might meet. Could be a love or business connection, a date would just get in the way.

    I thought I needed a date for a fancy baptism so I took the man who I now refer to as my stalker. Sometimes it is much, much better to go alone.


    • I’m so not a wedding person either … but it’s a good chance to catch up with family and friends you don’t necessarily see too often. I’m like you I go if I have to and I make the best of it!!!


  3. I also went to a wedding in July, stag. Was fun, even though I was seated with married couples whom I knew.

    This was an awesome post!!


    • Thanks so much!! If you know who you’re sitting with then it’s not so bad … it is what you make it. Go with a positive attitude and you never know you just might have a blast!!


  4. Hey there great blog post! One of the best weddings I have been to as a single girl was 6 years ago at a friends wedding in Greece where I met a very hot Italian rugby player who went from being a holiday fling to a 2 year long distance romance! It was wonderful 🙂 I heartily recommend going to weddings solo if you have no significant other you never know what hunk you may meet! xxx


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